I’ve been loving zip-around wallets every since Megs bought my mom a Fendi one and later got herself a Louis Vuitton. I love how these kind of wallets practically double as a clutch. With cell phones being so tiny and skinny these days, there’s a good chance that you can even zip your cell into the wallet as well. I love seeing yet another option for this great style of wallet.

L.A.M.B. Zip Around Wallet

The L.A.M.B. Signature Zip Around Wallet is a stylish and affordable wallet that could work for so many different people. You know, the other thing I like about wallets is that no what your style or taste might be, you can probably appreciate the same wallet as someone who has a completely different view. This wallet in particular is fabulous. It’s not too bold, yet not too boring. The print is just a bit textured and since it is PVC it can withstand practically anything you put it through. If I could make any changes, I think I would downsize the logo plate. It’s a bit too big for me; something a fraction of the size would keep the focus on the wallet and not as much on the logo. Buy through Nordstrom for $165.

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Susan Lamb
Susan Lamb
9 years ago

i need some help, i have had my L.A.M.B. wallet since 2011 and love. the zipper pull came off. I would like to buy that zipper pull or if i can buy another one just like the one i have. Or close to it. Thank You!!! also my last name is LAMB so it like it was made for me.ha!ha! my e-mail address: swlamb02@comcast.net: cell: 615-594-9814

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