Some of the new Kooba bags are lizard embossed and I like it! You might remember the oh so cute Kooba Lizard Embossed Mini Crossbody Bag that I wrote about recently. I love that bag for its unique shape and style. While the Kooba bag I am writing about today doesn’t have a shape that is that different I am loving it none-the-less.

Kooba Lizard Embossed Tote
The Kooba Lizard Embossed Soft Tote is an absolutely gorgeous bag that would certainly be one you can use day in and day out. From a distance you might not be able to notice that the leather is lizard-embossed but get a little closer and you can appreciate the excellent execution of lizard embossed leather. Love it! Not sure if you want a blue bag – fear not – the bag comes in black as well. Moving on from the leather, I am totally fixated on the silver hardware. It is a bit chunky, but absolutely perfect for this large tote. Buy through Nordstrom for $495.

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