Kate Spade Par Avion Airline Cosmetic Case

Now, this is just absolutely clever. In fact, coming across the Kate Spade Par Avion Airline Cosmetic Case today was perfect timing because I really need a new cosmetic case. I’ve had the same one for a few years now and it has held up really well. As it gets dirty, I clean it, but I am thinking it is just time to pitch the one I have and replace it with a new one. When it comes to cosmetic cases, I don’t like to go too fancy because, let’s be honest, it is just going to get super dirty super quickly.

This Kate Spade cosmetic case is perfect. First of all, I am not going to drop a bunch of cash on this thus making me wait longer for a new handbag I’ve been drooling over and saving up for. This clear cosmetic bag is designed after an old fashioned mail envelope. You can use this for travel or simply at home to hold some of your make-up. Very cute idea, excellent execution and not a bad price. I might have to replace my current cosmetic case with this one. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $50.

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