I need your help. When does a color like this go out of season? I’ve been really impressed with some of the bags J. Crew has put out. The designs are nice, the colors work and the prices, well you really can’t get much better. This is the same case with this clutch, yet I am thinking that the color might not work going into the fall.

J. Crew Metallic Lexi Clutch

The J. Crew Metallic Lexi Clutch is a cute bag that would bring a fresh and flirty look to so many outfits. When it comes to metallic bags, I am a less is more kind of gal. I’m not as big of a fan of metallic being used on big bags as I am on smaller bags, but hey, that is just me. So, back to this clutch. I like the shape, size, color, texture, and the fact that it has a detachable shoulder strap. Versatility, that is one thing that is *always* a good thing. But again, help me out, is this a Spring/Summer only bag or could you see yourself toting a few other times throughout the year. Buy through J. Crew for $225.

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