Not only do I dislike real fur, but I really dislike fur bags. Faux fur can be styled to look modern and interesting, but handbags generally do not have the scale or structure necessary to accomodate such a dense material in an attractive way.

Instead, almost all fur bags tends to come out looking like the giant fuzzy blob that is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Cheeky Nico Fur Bag. At the very least, the designers chose to use the fur of an animal (lamb) that is also used for meat and leather, which probably minimizes ethical issues for some shoppers.

No matter your ethical stance on fur, though, this just isn’t an attractive bag by any measure. When worn cross-body, I could imagine it looking like a giant dust bunny had attached itself to the wearer’s hip. It may be fairly inexpensive for a fur bag, but more stylish, less ethically dubious options abound. Buy through Saks for $498.

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