Coach Parker Clutch

I normally have mixed feelings about Coach as a brand, but my feelings are decidedly unmixed about the Coach Parker Clutch, and they’re all positive. Glowingly so.

I know that the logo-covered, non-leather bags that make up much of Coach’s collection are the brand’s bread and butter and beloved by a huge audience that continues to pump lots of profits into the company, but they’re just not my thing. They were at one point. In fact, they were my first foray into the world of exquisitely overpriced handbags, so I can probably indirectly credit them with my present employment.

But if you can get past those bags (assuming they’re also not your thing either), Coach makes some positively lovely leather bags that you shouldn’t miss. My favorite of the day is this adorable little clutch here, for myriad reasons. First, the color is amazing. It’s got a bit of a sheen to it, but it’s so dark and lovely that the metallic finish doesn’t look cheesy or cheap. Plus, this is the sort of gunmetal color that goes with everything you own. Don’t believe me? Try and think of a single night-out dress in your closet that you couldn’t conceivably coordinate with this clutch. Can’t come up with one, can you? I can’t either.

Not only is it attractive, but it’s also functional. I’m the kind of person that likes to put my ID in a separate pocket when I’m out because I know I’ll need it several times during the evening to get in to various bars and clubs, and the two well-hidden exterior zipper pockets on this clutch would make that easy and convenient. The kisslock closure to the main compartment would keep your keys and phone safe from falling out, and the chain and leather strap gives you a convenient alternative to hand-carrying. Can you tell I’m all excited over this clutch? Buy through Nordstrom for $258.

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  • ottercat

    This is darling. If I were invited to any holiday parties, I might pick this up.

  • kjg

    I’ve been totally with you on just not feeling it w/ Coach bags (since the early ’90s, actually) untill some of these more recent leather bags. Cut off the Coach tag (I never liked those Coach tags, even back in the day), and this clutch is a stunner! As a side note, thank you for being someone who is super into purses yet uses the word “myriad” correctly :)

  • ellez

    Coach is what first caught my interest into the designer handbag world. I used to lust over them until I went to college and every girl owned either a real or fake (tsk tsk) one. I personally prefer my bags to have much smaller tags and without their logos plastered all over (this goes for Dooneys, Michael Kors, etc.). However, this is super cute!!!

  • 19yearslater

    I love this little bag. It’s a nice combination of classic and modern style, and it has a Coach touch without signature print. As you said, perfect for going out. And Christmas parties.

  • Jane

    I agree with you this clutch is wonderful, however, I can’t stand paying that price when their bags are made in China.

  • Ashley

    I have an older version of this purse in a matte bronzey colour.. I love it and its so functional! A really great pick.

  • Amanda Mull

    @kjg: Thanks! I’ve always loved my SAT words :-)

  • Loquita

    I am not much for Coach myself either, particularly the signature fabric items, but this is a great little bag. Just stylish enough to be appropriate now, but I can also see it being useful for years to come. A smart buy, IMO.

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    Oooooh I love it!

  • mimi couture

    I hate this bag…and selling it. it’s such a waste. but if the customers love it, take them all.

  • Beth

    Are ANY of the Coach bags these days NOT made in China? Shame… Coach used to take such pride in the quality & integrity of their workmanship. Go read the history of the company. Now they sell in the millions and they’ve forsaken their treasured past. Cute bag ‘tho!

  • kuku

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