Does anyone else ever get confused by the names Juicy Couture chooses for its bags? It seems like whoever is in charge of product names just takes a bunch of random nouns, arranges them in no particular order, and declares it a name. Whether or not it reflects the actual look or feel of the bag in any way is apparently incidental. This bag, for instance, is called the “70s Tomboy Georgina Tote.” What?

Nothing about this bag looks particularly 70s or particularly tomboy-ish, and I’m assuming that Georgina is a reference to the Gossip Girl character of the same name. Anyone that has even a passing interest in the show, however, knows that Georgina was not alive in the 70s and isn’t a tomboy, so I don’t know where they’re going with any of this. But I do know that despite the groan-worthy name, the bag is pretty unoffensive.

Yep, you heard me right – this is a pretty decent bag. Juicy managed to not cover it in pockets, flaps, tassels, buttons, straps and other various and sundry bag regalia, which goes a long way toward making me like it. The faux pushlocks at the handle attachments are a nice bit of shine and the leather looks reasonably touchable. I think that the zipper trim that you care barely see around the edges is my favorite detail, even if zippers are starting to feel a bit over. Buy through ShopBop for $398.

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