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A lot of you liked the Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pouchette I wrote about last week, but expressed some concern at being able to coordinate the color and finding enough uses for a clutch. Well, since I like to be service-y, I thought I’d show you guys something that would satisfy both of those concerns: the Proenza Schouler Medium Suede PS1 Bag. I’m normally not much for off-white, but I think the color (which is referred to as “sand” on the website) is perfectly suited in this bag. It enhances the vintage feel, but the relatively clean lines of the bag’s structure give it a modern edge that keeps it from being too sloppy.

Proenza Schouler Medium Suede PS1 Bag in Sand

The suede looks thin enough that it would slouch like a champ once broken in, and although suede is a color that can attract dirt, I almost feel like this bag would look even better once it looked a bit used. The design isn’t at all gimmicky, and nothing about this bag will look dated in a few years – in fact, I’d really love to have one, since I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it. The size also looks just about perfect for everyday use. Buy through Barney’s for $1595.

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  • coach4me

    So pretty, but why oh why is it light colored suede? I went that route once… never again!!! It’s like a dirt magnet!

  • Khaz

    I love it! but it’d be such a problem to carry around

  • Unfortunately, light colored suede practically calls out to dirt molecules. But I ADORE this bag… I want it! Maybe the black leather version

  • Girlygirl3

    I like this bag, but I have a car coat in this suede and I agree with the above, it’s a dirt magnet!

  • hannah

    It looks just like the Botkier Sasha, except 3x the price.

  • Nicole

    ooo love it =) but not sure about the suede!! =(

  • mariah9999

    I love the design and idea, unfortunately suede and especially light colored suede and I don’t get along too well. I bet it would be grey/brown on me in no time! :(

  • Diana

    suede, everyone loves um new! colour terrific!! practicality of being able to use it until it wears out nicely, nearly zero. it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep it pretty with wear and use. but who needs sensibility it’s DARLING!!!

  • rysch

    I really like the shape, it’s something I would wear everyday. But it would be better in darker colors, say… dark brown?

  • Lillie

    This is indeed a beautiful bag, but I am afraid it is wildly impractical! Now grey suede could be reall pretty . . .

  • Zarka

    I have not seen nor heard this designer before the purseblog…I like the design but the color is too light for suede….

  • Queenmab

    I have to agree with Megs – light colored suede is just going to become BLACK with use, not just broken in.
    It is a great shape though, but just incredibly impractical, and for that price – PHEW, I better be able to USE it.

  • Janice

    Beautiful very slink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean

    Nice bag – Two handle options,the layers of compartments/pockets with different flap designs! And side pockets too! Although it’s a dirt magnet, IMO the bag wouldn’t look as good in a darker colour like black or brown. I agree with Lillie – grey suede …

  • hazel

    I choose my light colored bags carefully, they have to be EASY to clean and sued isn’t so I could never buy this bag. I drop/set my bag in dirty things all the time. Because I’m clumsy.

  • Carolyn

    kinda looks like on old satchel that my professor had. not good