Marc Jacobs Stam Quilted Satchel
Marc Jacobs Stam

Jessica Stam must be thrilled that the bag Marc Jacobs named after her continues to thrive. The Marc Jacobs Stam is back again, for another season after about four years of being in the spotlight. The Stam has not yet made its way into my handbag collection. Sure, I love the bag, but it just has not grabbed my attention fully yet to the point of going out to buy it. As the ‘it bag’ craze dies down, it is great to see the lovers of this bag continue to year for it. For all the gals that love pink, the Marc Jacobs Stam Quilted Satchel is ready for spring in a sweet plum color that is very feminine. The gold tone hardware is shown on the chunky chain shoulder strap and the kiss-lock closure top. This bag features a frame top and then the soft quilted leather body; which has proven to be a huge success season after season. There is also an easy access front zip pocket. This bag is only available for pre-order and also comes in ivory. But the plum, which resembles more of a pink hue, would get my vote. Pre-order through Saks for $1,350.

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  • Patois

    There must have been a stampede for the Plum. It’s only available in Ivory now on the NM website.

  • Jen

    The pink is really pretty.

    I think the Stam might turn out to be MJ’s classic bag.

  • mette

    Ouch, this really is an ugly bag. Where do you find all these queer bags ?

    • While I appreciate your comments, I do not think you need to be calling a bag ‘queer’. Try to use a better adjective please!

    • deanna

      what a bad taste u have…u must be 50 plus…

    • Ana

      This person is such a hater. Also, Marc Jacobs Stam, a queer bag?

  • kemilia

    I love the color, but then I like pink!

    Someday, I will have a Stam, it is definitely a classic bag.

  • janis

    I really like it in this color with the gold hardware, lovely!

  • mette

    Megs-what is wrong with the word queer? Maybe I could have used words like odd,strange. But come on..I don´t think that it´s the word that got you upset. Maybe you just didn´t like my comment. Maybe you just had a bad day. And btw,English is not my native language and therefore finding just the perfect word can sometimes be difficult.

    • I just think you can use a little more class, that is all. I am having a great day, thanks for asking!

      No worries, I get English not being your first language, but I just think many people would love for you to use different language at times.

      I love having your comments- I do like to hear those that like and don’t like many bags. No issue there!

      • Fashion Victim

        Megs, you’re coming off to me as a bit hypocritical. I refer to the discussion about your editorial on the Juicy flower tote not so long ago. In that particular editorial you yourself showed a bit lack of class not simply criticizing the bag but going into a rampage about people wearing juicy track suits and the whole wanna-be thing.

        I don’t mean any disrespect or offense to you at all – I love what you and Vlad created here. I would like perhaps a little bit more integrity. ;-)

      • No offense taken! I see what you are saying.

        I do think the word ‘queer’ really upsets some people. That was all I was saying. I am pretty sure I do not need to explain that further. That is all I was trying to say

  • pursecrzy

    Like the colour but that’s it.

  • Allie

    I have been absolutely in love with this bag since it first came out! All the previous colors (black, ivory, plum, blue, brick etc..) have been beautiful and the leather is very luxurious. I love the fun pink color on the classic bag for valentines day! I usually find quilted bags to be too much of a copy of the classic Chanels but Marc Jacobs has been able to make it his own classic and this bag is so versatile and stylish! LOVE IT.

  • mette

    Megs: Do you think that the word FUG is very classy? Maybe you do because you yourself use it a lot!

    • You just like to go against the grain, don’t you :wink:

      Fug is just for fun. I suppose you were using queer just for fun too; just thought there is a better word choice.

  • mette

    If fug means fun for you and I´ve seen it used a real lot,maybe you could be a bit more creative and find synonyms for it,maybe there would be better word choices. Take no offense.

  • Natalie

    Are you guys serious! Don’t get picky over the word “fug”, it’s a colloquial term of sorts. “Queer” on the other hand, could offend many a homosexual or transgender persons. I certainly see why Megs is against that term. Maybe you guys are just not up to speed on PC terms….

  • mette

    Natalie: Thanks for translating `queer´ for me. I absolutely had no idea of the other definition for the word. Had I known it, surely I would have left it out. Don´t understand the connection between a homosexual and a bag though. As I already told you-not being English nor American, it´s impossible for me to know what kind of meanings a word nowadays has esp. on PC. I think Megs, an American? could have placed her words more clearly. I´m sure there are lots of people around the world reading this blog.

    • Mind if I ask where you are from?

      As Natalie said, ‘queer’ refers to homosexual, but is used as slang nowadays and many times very derogatory. I did not realize you did not know the word you were using.

      No harm done.

  • Dominique

    “Queer” actually, was always used to describe something as being strange, or not normal. It was then adopted by homosexuals, and then by the general public. Then general public’s usage of the word is usually derogatory. I think mette meant to use the word to describe the bag as strange. This day and age, I wouldn’t use the word “queer” period, thanks to its negative connotations.

    The pink Stam bag is hideous, by the way. Especially with gold hardware. It looks like it was painted with chalky Pepto Bismol.

    • lipvixen

      Pepto Bismol! That’s it. yup ugly shade of pink. Blush or ice pink maybe would have been better. :wink:

  • mette

    Megs: Just checked from my English-English dictionary what queer means and firstly it said:strange,odd. This is how I have learned to use it. But language changes and then there is that slang. I´ve never been in US and never intend to, so I´m not familiar with the new meanings of some words. I live in northern Europe and feel blessed about it.

    • Europe is beautiful. Vlad is from Europe :wink:

      It was just a misunderstanding. but as Dominique said, when that word is used now, it is typically in a negative manner.

  • mette

    Megs: Ok,case closed.

  • fashionlover

    I have the blue one and the grey patent stam bag. The leather is so wonderful, and it’s really worth it. Love them so much! I wish I could have the pink one too :razz:

  • Agnes

    I would feel blessed to live in Europe too and hope to someday. This is a prime example of why jumping to conclusions is not a favorable or wise decision. I think the bag is queer too, but i Love it for that. Love the pink stam.

  • Saoirse

    I do agree that you cant really call a bag ‘queer’ , it just makes you sound ridiculous
    I think this bag is gorgeous, its just so appealing (to me anyway) I was in London a few weeks ago and saw that they had it in bright pink and bright green, both of which looked lovely, refreshing and young, this bag is the best, end of.

  • deanna

    i just love this bag.. :grin:

  • Mayelle

    I love the MJ Stam bag… I have one in Eggshell (off white) given by my parents as a Christmas present in 2006…What an awesome spring handbag =)

  • queen b

    You girl are so lame shut up!!! It a bag come on now :!:

  • Sabinalynn

    I have the black stam in black-just got it last week. It is my DREAM bag! I’ve wanted one for oover a year and finally one is mine :mrgreen: I think the stam will be MJ’s classic bag-ithas really lasted through the seasons…the pink is beautiful, but I would be afraid that it wouldn’t be as versatile as neutral colors. Black is classic and will always be in style. But it’s pretty! :lol:

  • Olivia

    I love the Stam bag. I’d love to get in black or well any color! I’m in love with this bag…It’s so classy looking and Marc Jacobs happens to be one of many favorite designers. I should probally get one next year. :mrgreen:

  • Miss Marina

    Yeah,,, queer… no!

  • Miss Marina

    :smile: I love this bag, and Marc Jacobs is my favorite designer. I think this bag look beautiful in ivory! I also adore the Miss Marc collection he has! :smile:

  • missmdinthecity

    Do you know what shades of blue the MJ’s Stam Bag comes in? I don’t know if what I see on ebay is authentic… but I really want the one in the bright sapphire blue… but I heard only the petrol blue is authentic? Thank you for your input!

  • annie

    How funny that you guys are all worked up about a word like Queer…..before the homosexuals took it over it had another meaning….get a grip people ! Let’s stick to the subject at hand….handbags…I think this bag is too over the top and a bit gaudy…

  • Pat

    I think the 2009 A/W STAM with python trim is just awesome! I saw it at …. should I or should I? I definitely should! Marc has worked wonders with the Vuitton bags. Before him, they were just a bunch of canvas wannabees. Now they are almost as special as his STAM!

  • srbag sell Marc Jacobs stam bags.

  • lou

    not a pink fan would feel like i had to have a pink wool suit too match .not keen on quilted effect .i know many girls dream of a chanel bag but the quilting just reminds me of chanel suits and pearls

  • Julia

    Does anybody know where I can buy this bag in black? Bui I want a real bag. Thank you.

    • kelsey

      Nordstrom! Black with silver hardware or black with gold hardware.

  • Kendra

    Yes, is it available in black? (fb)