I’ve already asked many questions of you guys today, which is probably not fair for a beautiful Friday in early spring, but I have just one more: Do white bags make you nervous? They make me very nervous, for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not a particularly careful person. If someone out there is going to have a little ketchup on her finger after lunch, that someone is going to be me. I try, but I’m just not detail-oriented. Second, I wear a lot of dark clothes. Dark clothes mean dye transfers when you’re dealing with light leather. Third, I don’t think twice about putting my bags on the ground when necessary. They’re bags, they’re meant to be used!

Even considering all that, I’m still totally smitten with the Chloe Madeline Runway Satchel. Graphic white and minimalism go together like peanut butter and jelly, although perhaps I shouldn’t use a food metaphor with such a pristine bag; I can almost see the grape Smuckers fingerprints now…

In fact, I can see fingerprints of all kinds. I seem to perpetually have some kind of mascara or eyeliner smudges on my fingers, if not a little leftover foundation from applying the morning’s makeup (Yes, I almost always wash my hands afterward. But the important word in that sentence is “almost!”), and any hint of either would stick out on this bag like a sore thumb. Or a sore thumbprint, as it were. (Not all the jokes are winners, people.)

With that in mind, I’m afraid that I’m destined to appreciate the stark, minimal charms of this bag from afar. If you’re the kind of person who always manages to get ever errent speck off of your hands after a meal or makeup application, then by all means, allow me to live vicariously through your clean hands. I’ll have to settle for the taupe version for my own enjoyment. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2130.

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  • Sandra Rowley

    The bag is beautiful…just my style… I purchased a white Michael Kors rehearsal bag once…that taught me a lesson. No white…it is just not practical. This bag is also beautiful in the red color.

  • llson

    Love this bag in all colors. I think white bags are crisp and classy, harder to keep clean, not an everyday bag, but beautiful.

  • Marianna

    This year I decided that I need to be brave and get myself a beautiful white bag for the summer. This bag is gorgeous but I don’t think I am ready to spend that much on a white bag. Heck, I don’t usually spend that much on a black bag so I would be perpetually freaked out by this big. I would need to wrap it in a blanket and put it in a stroller! LOL

  • Graciella

    Love the design, but white is not that practicle – but this bag in either grey or red is surely fabulous!

  • PhotoGirl

    I LOVE white bags.
    That said, they terrify me. I am always afraid of ruining them and always nervous when I carry them. Right now, I have two that look at me reproachfully from their place on the closet shelf — and that’s exactly where they’ll stay. Sad. I’m careful, but not that careful, so no more white for me.

  • ninjaninja

    I don’t like the contours, it looks like a mini duffle bag where you’re suppose to stuff your gym clothes and toy dog. Maybe in another color?

  • Musette

    white leather bags are gorgeous. when they’re pristine they always look so ‘money’ to me, like you’re just going from lunch (in your lime green linen top)……and on to your yacht for drinks with friends…

    that being said, my nerves would be shot within 4 seconds of picking up a white bag, as my lunch is often out of a bag and I don’t have a yacht…dang


  • susan

    I have been and will always be very nervous about white or off white bags. With that said I own 3 and just bought a 4th. I think I’m attracted to the color because I do wear all black.

  • Lulugurl

    I am totally digging this purse….the white does make me nervous, but I think for this bag i could handle it!

  • MizzJ

    I loove white bags, but agree they are very high maintenance. That being said, I do cherish my white bag and clean it obsessively (never EVER hits the ground). Not a huge fan of this Chloe bag though – I think the handles are too short to be practical.


  • 19yearslater

    I’m afraid of white bags, too. I wear a lot of dark, I don’t baby my bags, and I managed to get denim transfer on a dark brown leather bag once. No way am I buying white leather.

  • king

    nice bag ,I LOVE IT, louis vuitton tie http://www.trevorgoods.com/

  • KaylaNiche

    I love this! It’s soooo summer!

  • Louise

    I particularly like the Chloe stark white bag. It’s beautiful to look at, looks roomy enough for what a woman has to carry with her, and it’s stylish in its design.

  • debi j

    my experience with white bags has not been pleasant. I like you love those dark, flattering colours. I have so far ruined, a white chole (several seasons ago with the big padlock), a white and blakc checkered dior (courtesy of a new pair of blue jeans), and a pale pink and white dior saddlebag. None of them were fixable, and in the case of the chloe i got to wear it once, because after that if i wanted to wear it i had to turn it around backwards it was so badly stained.

    Enough to say lesson learned, either it’s dark, washable, or it just isn’t worth it for me. I love chloe’s white bags but its just a waste on me.

  • Anjum Hameed

    Looks like the Louis Vuitton SC bag..

    • rose60610

      Absolutely. Every time I see the LV SC I want one. They are scrumptious.

  • osladegerez

    If the leather is calfskin your local shoeman can probably fix the outside. I have a couple of miracle workers in Los Angeles who can fix anything – since finding them I am no longer nervous about anything leather and I have a 3 year old. (I say that and I also keep all pens UP away from him…he got the top of my LV speedy one day with a green one – strange to say …I sort of like it)

  • rose60610

    This bag is gorgeous, however, in time it will likely become yellow. I’d hate to see $2130 worth of green turn yellow. Question: Can white shoe polish rescue yellowed leather?

    • chloehandbags

      No it can’t really.

      Definitely avoid putting shoe polish on good quality bags; it ruins the finish of the leather.

    • shueaddict

      I agree with the yellowing warning – sweat from your palms will get the handles yellow in surprisingly very little time. Unless the leather is patent or you’re using gloves, this bag will probably only have a single summer looking this pristine

  • lchua

    No white for me. I’d buy this bag in another color though. Love the classic shape.

  • chloehandbags

    It’s OK, but not for me.

  • chloehandbags

    Oh and yes, white bags certainly do make me nervous; very nervous!

  • Cathy Fitz

    White looks great while it’s still pristine, but no white bags for me.