As’s resident Balenciaga fangirl, I’m always excited when the brand decides to expand their line of ever-popular motorcycle bags, and they’ve done so twice this season. Right now, however, we’re going to focus on the merits of just one of those new designs: the Balenciaga Velo Bag.

To explain this bag to Balenciaga fans that haven’t gotten a chance to see it in person yet, the shape is sort of like that of a City bag that has been stretched vertically. It still has an easy-to-carry medium size to it but has a bit more interior space than the City does, appeasing those that don’t need something as large as the Work but still want to easily hold a little bit of extra stuff.

I carried a Balenciaga City Bag regularly for almost a year, and I’m glad that they’ve decided to position a bag between the City and Work. Normally, my bag was big enough for all of my stuff, but occasionally I’d go shopping and want to stuff a small purchase inside of it or something similar, and there just wasn’t enough room. A few extra inches of depth will likely be enough to solve that problem, and the Velo also comes with something for which many Balenciaga lovers have hoped: a strap long enough to allow the bag to be worn cross-body. With a little extra space and a little extra strap, I think this bag might be the perfect Balenciaga for a lot of women. Buy through Barney’s for $1945.

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  • Loquita

    Thanks for covering the Velo, Amanda!!! It’s a fantastic addition to the Balenciaga line…and definitely my next Balenciaga purchase (if I don’t get another City first – I love that style, too).

  • Stacy

    nice detailing and a great shape. can’t go wrong.

  • catsinthebag

    a little more room than the City, AND a cross-body strap? I’m saving up now for this one!

  • BLynnT

    What a great addition to the line. The added space is wonderful – whoever came up with that idea and made this line even more versatile is a genius.

  • swags

    This is a great looking bag and I like the shape. It has some structure but not overly if that makes sense. I am not crazy about bags that puddle when you set them down.

    Love the detail on this one too.

  • Annie

    My friend has this bag and I must say it is heavy compare to regular City.

  • dguerrero3

    I love the way that it looks and happy that it holds more.

  • ame

    See if they would make more tall ones –even taller than this– like this I would be so buying one!

  • tammy

    I have always lovvved Belenciga Handbags they are at the top of my list every time.

  • mika

    any balenciaga make me happy.. this makes me ecstatic.. (fb)

  • Theresa W

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Velo! I love that it’s larger than a City and smaller than a Work! And the crossbody option is huge as I am a mom of two young children! I so want one in RH Anthracite! It is next on my wishlist, but I’m on a huge ban right now…maybe next year… :)

  • Celeste

    Gorgeous. I want to buy another Balenciaga…

  • Moonchild

    What a beautiful purse! :-)

  • sofia nolan

    I don`t like it. I don`t like it at all…

  • Maryann

    I just love this bag! I want it in Noix… (fb)

  • Leona

    Ooo I really like this one! There’s always been somethig a little off about the shape of the other Bals… but this seems pretty perfect! Not in black though… mustard! (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Not too big…Not too small…Just right ! I like the size of this one now and it still looks great.

  • Lianne

    Absolutely gorgeous! And definitely looks big enough for my usual daily load (fb)

  • justa9url

    If it looks just as good in person and it is really what it is said to be, then this is going to be my first Balenciaga. =) Although, I do have a bit to save up. I’ve been wanting a Balenciaga and this just seems too perfect…so I really have to wait to see it in store before I obsess about it. (fb)

  • hannah

    ah… if it can be worn cross body, it’s much better!

  • Rita

    This is perfect!! I have been waiting for a Balenciaga bag this size and shape. Can’t wait to have one. For me, if it’s Balenciaga it’s timeless (“,)…

  • Jane

    I love it I think it is the perfect size. Oh how I wish I could afford this bag, I guess I will have to start saving my pennies. :) (fb)

  • Lee-Anne

    OMG this is the best bal bag, I have a city and never seem to be able to fit all my stuff in it I want one!! (fb)

  • Shelly

    does it come in anymore colours? it doesnt show any other colours online :(

  • !!!

    i like every bit of it except those non-functional buckles in the bottom corners.

    oh and the price. haha

  • Jocelyn

    I prefer the classic Balenciaga look. (fb)

  • Madonna Kilborn

    I always buy Balenciaga bag on ebay or shopyop. love this one.

  • Van

    This seems to be slightly bigger than the Town.I wonder how’s the weight compared to the Town.

    I read from someone’s blog that Town is very light weight.

    I am looking for a crossbody bag, and both looks good to me.Unfortunately couldn’t see/order both from their website.

  • elaine

    Got the “Covered Velo”- Canard today as anniversary gift from my boyfriend. Absolutely perfect!!!

  • dee

    OMFG my friend just bought this bag the other day at the Hilton in Orchard Road Singapore and it only costs $1450! The price difference is huge!

  • dee

    My bad. Hers isn’t a giant velo. So maybe that would account for the price diff.

  • mariam

    So cute! I would love to have one in black or some bright color….like yellow or cherry!!!!!YES.

  • twilight

    my leather-covered city was damaged only after 2 months. it is so disappointing and unsightly. i don’t know why balenciaga came out with this very fragile material. and they’re not willing to repair it without receipt. i hope they do something with this problem free of charge.

  • bgb intl

    ever since this bag was up in the website. i immediately run to selfridges and to there shop in mayfair london, but this doesnt excite me when i have the chance to hold and feel it.. but i like it still im thinking of getting one. velo, urbain of goyard or the ps1……….

  • KdS

    I have this bag, the velo, and it is PERFECT;. I wear it the most of all my bags! Check out my blog if you wanna see :)

  • spunkmuffin

    I just love the size & detailing on the velo brogues! I’ve just put in an order for a denim blue version. Can’t wait!

  • FortyandFab

    I returned my City for a Velo bc I couldn’t fit everything I needed in the city and I also didn’t like the all the fringes hanging on the City. I’m much happier with the Velo and don’t find it any heavier than the city.