I am.

I mean no disrespect, of course – Dior is one of the most storied and important brands in the history of luxury as we know it, and they do a fantastic job with a lot of aspects of their business (I’m a particular fan of their makeup). When it comes to bags, though…what gives?

Along with the Fendi Baguette, Dior’s Saddle Bag helped launched the It Bag trend that got so many of us interested in designer bags. Since then, though, the brand has been a bit quiet when it comes to influential bag design. With the notable exception of the Gaucho bag, it’s been mostly bags like the Dior Lady Dior Top Handle for the past five years.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this bag or this type of design – there isn’t. But there has been so little variation in vision coming from Dior’s accessories department in the past few season that I’m beginning to wonder if they still value their accessories division at all. Since Dior has such a successful cosmetics and perfume business, accessories probably aren’t as essential to the brand’s financial success as they are for most brands, but it still seems a bit odd.

Accessories are one of the most important ways that a designer builds its image, and most luxury brands that have done well during the recession have done so on the backs of their bags, shoes and accessories. In light of those things, I can’t help but wonder why Dior is phoning it in when they have the financial and design ability to make bags that almost all of us would probably want to buy. Buy through Saks for $2250.

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  • Jessica

    I agree! I love Dior more than any other brand. but lately I haven’t been able to find a bag that I’m dying to have! I already have a Lady Dior and Le Trente, and dont like their New Lock or Chri Chri so there really isn’t anything else. I love the Gaucho line and would love to have another bag similar to that! C’mon Mr. Galliano, give us something to love!

  • Kellyx

    I am. As classic as it may be, this bag really doesn’t appeal. Design or functionality, it’s just a no no for me.

  • mochababe73

    Have they even done anything new? I don’t think that Dior has rocked anything since the Gaucho bag and the Doctor bag that I wanted in red.
    I went to the Dior store here in Houston, and the lady bag is impractical. Maybe cute for a night out, but not an everyday bag. Even on a night out, you can’t put it on your rest because the handle is so hard.

  • Pradameinhofgang

    agreed! there is a Dior concession in the lge dept store where i live, and even tho my friend was a SA there and i felt i should buy something i could never find anything i liked. also for my lifestyle of mum with kids their lambskin bags are a bit precious for me and dont seem to look as good worn in as balenciaga or LV or Alexander wang, and they seem to have lost the younger hipper vibe and seem to be concentrating on an older demographic (which is no bad thing, of course), but its just not me. and the prices are HIGH!!!!

  • Sara

    I totally agree! I don’t understand why after the success of the Gaucho handbag they haven’t continued to make more edgy, juvenile bags and not just ANOTHER version of the same classic bag every now and then.

  • yeh-yeh

    Well, the noteworthiness of Dior rests largely on couture and cosmetics today I think, but you guys are right for the lack of a Dior It Bag recently. Maybe it’s because Galliano’s art direction in fashion shows isn’t properly translated to accessories? Are the shows too theatrical?.. I don’t think so. They were that in 2000 even more than today, and those shows gave us the Saddle, the Flower, and the Rasta collection. Why is Chanel so good in creating it bags straight out the runway? (Answer.. K.L.) Personally, I could see Galliano step down. I’m getting tired of rotating the 60s trend, embroideries and Geisha makeup year after year.

  • Jane

    Boring bag plus navy patent leather equals a big NO.

  • theresa

    Hmmm interesting no one ever refers to the Birkin and Chanel 2.55 as boring and these bags have been around since before I was born.

    • Well, I don’t think that’s entirely true – I’ve seen TONS of people call both of those styles boring. And in the case of Chanel (and to a lesser degree, Hermes), they manage to make lots of interesting bags every season in addition to their traditional designs, which keeps things interesting for the rest of us. Plus, I don’t think that the Cannage or Lady Dior bags are anywhere near as iconic as the Chanel flap or Hermes Birkin.

      • Sara

        I totally agree Amanda! Great blog by the way, i’m totally addicted!

      • theresa

        we will agree to disagree than

    • Kim

      I totally agree with you Theresa, and was thinking the same thing as I was reading all these replies. Look, I’d buy one of these lovely bags for my imaginary life. But I’m not impossibly chic, and hardly ever go to Paris. I think Dior bags are elegant and classic and maybe they just don’t care to pander to the crowd that goes for Wang or Balenciaga or LV. It is a legit strategy, for the company as a whole, where each division reflects back onto the name Dior “elegant, classic, and not for everyone.”

  • Patricia

    The only Dior bag I have purchased since the Gaucho collection has been the Granville which I really like. I don’t have a problem with the Lady Dior. I actually like it. If you take a look at the Dior website and check out the exotic versions of the Lady Dior you might have a change of heart about this bag.

    • Kim

      Patricia – my local NM had the most beautiful, perfect, lovely, “yes, it could fit in my life” exotic — ohh…it was, I believe $20,000.00. One can dream.

  • MizzJ

    I love the Lady Dior so I still find this brand refreshing and classic, but I get your point about it being a bit stale. However that could be the same for Hermes with the Birkin and Kelly; just because a brand has iconic bags doesn’t mean it can’t come up with amazing new designs!


  • louch

    I love the Lady Dior but can’t they make it bigger? It’s so impractical. I love the entire cannage line but this bag is just not working for me anymore. I would love a Dior bag as well but can’t find anything that appeals.

  • Bagolicious

    I agree. There’s a big need to add some really “cool” bags in the mix, in addition to the traditional ones. I was in Dior yesterday and although I like the one pictured here, but not blue and patent leather, it isn’t the most practical bag. And I feel that it is way overpriced for what it is.

    I remember years ago when Louis Vuitton started slipping and then they hipped things up and turned things around. I also remember when Burberry had slipped and when they brought in a hip, Italian designer, and things turned around.

    As for Vuitton, I first bought it in 1980, in Paris, as a gift to myself for my 25th birthday. So, I’ve seen a lot of designer bags and over many decades and Dior has just gotten stuck in the mud as has Goyard. Sad.

  • Tyler

    I agree as well.

    Unlike Dior, brands like Ferragamo (who have not been paying much attention to their accessories division because they focus more on their specialty goods) has been improving!

    Dior should definitely step it up.

  • Ina

    Relaxed elegance,
    … I have a New Lock/pink bag and it is purely feminine and elegant! Small and precious!

  • Moonchild

    I agree, that bag is quite boring.
    I usually love Dior, (I own the fabulous Girly Boston bag,) but this bag is kind of “blah-ish”. The price tag for it is also hefty.

  • qudsia

    true, they arent rolling out new styles the way other brands are. however, i would love to get that top handle bag!!

  • ToriD

    Absolutely agree! I’m a huge fan of Dior bags, I have so many of their really neat designs from back in the days. The Cadillac, D’trick, Detective, Girly, Corset… there were so many really interesting designs before, what happened?!?! Now they keep rehashing the same bag with different leather, different pattern…. I mean seriously, come on! I was so intrigued by their designs before, now it’s just plain downhill. Dior really needs to get their act together, get their design sparks back into gear!

  • Sofia Nolan

    with this little miss dior, never!

  • jenny

    Lady dior is super elegant and classy, maybe the patent blue is looks trendy, but this one costs 2250 us dollars compare to chanel flap patent leather that is over 3200. I prefer the lady dior.

  • Jessica

    Yeah, Im Over It. I Brought The Black Version With Gold Hardware About 2 Years Ago.

  • Tati

    I totally agree…..I’ve been waiting for something new and exciting since the Romantique line was phased out. I get the feeling John is concentrating on the ready-to-wear because the last few seasons have been amazing! Too bad we don’t have any accessories to flaunt with the ensembles :(

  • BeautifulBasics

    I love the Dior “Lady Dior” Bag. Dior has recently released a larger version that has been seen carried by Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl and so many other celebs. I have a small black one I love to carry and a larger tote that is perfect for everyday use. I think if more people knew about the larger tote version of the classic Dior “Lady Dior” Bag there would be a waiting list a mile long!


  • hal

    well its not as if you could buy this bag…its a limited edition that will be only for the chic in shanghai.

  • Ali

    I strongly disagree.

    Lady dior is one of the most iconic handbags in fashion history. It is associated with royalty and first ladies. First ladies don’t carry Birkins and Baguettes, they carry Lady Diors.
    It was first designed by Gianfranco Ferré when he was at dior with Princess Diana in mind as it was a present to her from the first lady of france in 1995 and Lady Diana loved this bag, she made it IT.
    For every 4 Dior bags sold, 3 of them are lady dior, across the world.

    since then there has been the Saddle, and the Gaucho. But lately there is even more diversity with the “Le Trente” which means the thirtieth and is named after the house of dior in paris which is number 30 and is inspired by the 1947 “New Look”, very gathered at the waist.
    there is also the New lock which is a play on words with “New Look”.
    there is “2 Dior”, “charming lock”, “avenue”, Dior soft”, “panarhea”.

    And also the “Granville£ is BEAUTIFUL. celebs like Mischa Barton and Demi Moore love this bag, it is named after Monseiur Dior’s hometown.

    Dior leather is also Fantastic. Best made handbag in history.

  • Ali

    P.s. all these bag are available at the Christian Dior boutique in manchester. the phone number is 0161 838 0662. they do mail deliveries too.

  • designerbaglover

    I love Dior make up but just can’t stand their bags… there’s nothing creative or interesting for the past few years, it’s more or less the same just in different colours or hardware tone… I also don’t like the squarish shape of the Lady Dior bag, it looks too structured for my taste. I think designers should get more creative with their bags and not just churn out the same old stuff year in year out, especially established designers. I think it’s just a convenient way out for them by just churning out similiar styles each season and hope that customers will buy the new “IT” colour (instead of bag).

  • Tara

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s nice that they are sticking with the classics, however if you already own a Lady Dior what’s a girl supposed to do? There are only a couple of other styles to choose from and nothing seems to be coming in that is new. I kept walking in the store excited to see if they’ve brought in a new design, but I keep walking back out disappointed and with my money still in my pocket. By reading these posts it seems like I’m not the only one. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Lady Dior enough that I pruchased it, I do think it’s a classy, timeless piece, so fine, keep it in production, but let’s see something new! :)

    Also, the Lady Dior bag, isn’t very functional, you get tired of carrying it in your hand after a while and it’s too boxy, which keeps banging off of your leg when you walk with it. The Birkin and Chanel 2.55 are rather boring as well, but the designs of these bags at least make them functional, perhaps that’s why people are less likely to complain about them and keep buying them year after year.

  • lyz

    Yep I also love dior… but
    I just would like to tell everyone BECARFUL when you decide to buy the LADY DIOR shopper
    I bought one 7 months ago and unfortunately I had a terrible surprise…… THE BAG JUST COLLAPSE it is completely SAG the two sides look like Gym bag……SHAMEFUL!!! ps (I used it a few times)
    Than to make it worse DIOR dont want to take responsability for it (they said it is “normal”) again ……. SHAMEFUL!!!
    so girls make sure you make the right choise.