Yes, you all know the love I have for clutches. Frankly, I cannot have enough clutches in my collection. They all just seem to serve such an amazing purpose. While I love my clutches, with the warm Spring and Summer months upon us, I began to wonder: do most people put away their dark colored clutches and opt for brightly colored ones – OR – are the darker clutches used all year long, no matter what?

Something to ponder, huh?

Well, no matter what side of the handbag fence you are on here, there is no denying how gorgeous this brightly colored Yves Saint Laurent Y Clutch is. And if I had several clutches colored like this, there is a good chance I’d put my darker colored clutches away until the Fall and Winter.

I am not even going to beat around the bush here. I love just about everything about this clutch. The color, the shape, the style, the versatility, everything works! Personally, I am a fan of the orchid color (pictured here) eel-embossed leather, but if it’s not for you, there is an orange or smoke colored option. The flap closure has a loop and insert detailing very similar to Yves Saint Laurent detailing we’ve seen before. But really, it is the color that lured me in. It is bright, but not overbearing and I can just imagine how many outfits I would use this clutch with. Beyond the color, the clutch itself is not pretentious so you could pair it with something fancy or something casual and it would still work. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $575.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Stacy

    Very nice. Love the color. I alternate between bright, light & dark colors all year round.
    Rules are there are no rules for me personally. I go with whatever tickles my fancy.

  • Sofia Nolan

    ew! The color is nice, but the design leaves me speechless, but not in a good way. Mr. Originality seems to have dissapeared when this was created

  • 19yearslater

    Love this: classic, innovative, and a beautiful color.

  • Valentina

    The color looks like when a liquid lip gloss explodes inside your bag, and the stain is oily and permanent. And the seams and details look like when you’re ironing a shirt, and you turn the neck inside out? sort of. Well, not my favorite YSL.

  • Mochababe73

    Love it. I also like YSL subtle branding. I am always looking for the Y.

  • Nola

    L O V E I T !!!

  • Maria

    I love the Y clutch. I’ve seen a leopard print Y clutch in Harper’s Bazaar but can’t find it in shops yet. Anyone know when/where it will be available?

  • turtlesdove3

    Love the glossy look of the clutch, its a perfect pick to pair with various outfits. Yes Saint products are just fantastic.

  • Brandy

    Definitely love the colour, the sheen and the texture.. The shape itself is a little too structured almost. Not the best YSL clutch I’ve seen…

  • Kat

    This is one of those bags that win it with simplicity. It’s luxurious without being ostentatious and the color is bright without being loud. It’s gorgeous.


  • Ellen

    I absolutely love this! I love the sheen from the eel skin combined with the bright color. I also like how the Y is integrated functionally into the design. (ipad)