The Yves Saint Laurent Roady has had a place in the sun for well over a year now, which means that it’s only fair that we step back and reevaluate its popularity in the context of what’s going on in accessories at the moment. Is the Roady a bag that you still want to own?

It may be bigger than current trends dictate, and I don’t think we’ve seen a python version of the Roady so far (although Fall 2011 promises python versions of every bag ever made, so the odds are good), but I’m still a big fan of the Roady and its minimalist, functional shape. I would make but two improvements: A lighter interior lining to make it not such a black hole and a small exterior pocket for my cell phone. On the side that would face my body, of course.

Mostly, I continue to be impressed by what excellent canvases bags like this make for beautiful colors. I like this bag for the same reason that I’m so drawn to Balenciaga’s motorcycle bags – simple shapes and hardware let a saturated color take center stage, and I find myself utterly transfixed by this deep shade of almost-navy. So do you still want a Roady, or would you prefer this hue in a different design? Buy through Saks for $1495.

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  • susan

    I love the roady, but the hardward that connects the handle to the bag snags my clothes…Has anyone else had this problem?

  • susan

    I meant hardware…sorry

  • Max

    i think it’s a nice bag but since Susan mentioned that i think they should do it opposite side instead to eliminate the problem

  • Lulugurl

    I love this bag…and the colour is TDF

  • Nique

    I have been thinking for awhile about getting this bag… this, the Marcie from Chloe or Pandora from Givenchy. Any suggestions?

  • Carol

    I LOVE this bag! I saw the marine in person and am planning on getting it. The simple style is great!

  • cathy

    Love the look, but the handle was too round for me and kept falling off my shoulder – had to return it.


    i love the design, but the last time i looked at the roady IRL the quality sort of underwhelmed me. the price is a bit high for me to just “splurge” on. this would have to be a piece planned and saved for. and i am a little worried about the strap hardware: will it fall off or just catch on everything? it is a beautiful bag though.

  • Blaine

    I will never ever never get enough of indigo with gold hardware. The color alone is delicious and any complication of it a crime.

  • rose60610

    Nice style, color and hardware. In light of the snag issue, I’d skip it. It also appears that one of the hooks could become unattached, resulting in spilled contents (if there isn’t a zipper) or a scuffed bag if it hit pavement.

  • lula

    The roady is the first designer handbag I have ever had, and also the lowest in price. But my love for it grows everytime I use it. It’s just so effortlessly chic. The most beautiful thing i see in the roady, is that when it hangs, the edge of the opening self-organizes into some intriguing topological structure.

  • gpc

    Although I love YSL, this is way too boring for $1495, in any color.

  • Jeneane

    I loved my black roady and carried it for almost a year – now the piping as worn and the cording inside is showing and has come out in a couple of places – I’m looking at a $200 repair to get it fixed.

  • Nasha Sofea

    Lovely blue stunning Bag! I like it….

  • edoardo

    Nice, but I would liek to see something more new from Pilati at YSL, he is too much linked to the pst. He must create avant agrde pieces or he will be boring!

  • Deborah

    Love the color~ Great classic style.

  • Chele

    Beautiful shade of blue! Glad to hear other people’s pro and cons with this style.

  • Jackie

    I have the black Roady with the stingray handle, and I LOVE it! Use it every day. I’ve never had the hooks snag, and the handle definitely doesn’t come off!

  • BeBe

    I ordered a Black leather Roady a few months a few months after they hit the stores because it seemed like a great basic bag. I was even looking forward to & on the list for the stingray handle so I could dress her up!
    I was really underwhelmed with 2 aspects of the bag. First, I noticed right away, before I even finished taking it out of the pretty packaging, that the top part of the bag collapsed in a hideous way which was quite an unnattractive looking blob…not evenly or in a nice “puddle’ type of way. I stuffed the bag thinking that would fix it but it looked even worse :(
    When my hubby saw the bag he ponted out the leather was nothing special & even looked cheap…thought it felt fine but looked inexpensive. I hated returning my baby but nothing about the bag worked for me…the shoulder strap slipped also. A friend purchased a metallic one & she loved it but the leather on hers was much nicer. However, she did have to spend $225 repairing the interior after just a few months of use. Jeneane referred to this in her post…I think the satiny material they line the Roady with is not very durable!!

  • DJ

    Love the look and color, but BV has a more stylish hobo for the same price in cervo so I went with the Bottega.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm the hook and interior comments detract from this bag’s appeal, but strictly design wise, this bag is sublime. A true example that beauty transcends trends.

  • Mochababe73

    Went to the YSL store in our local mall when it first came out to see that all of the hype was about. Wasn’t impressed. It just looked like a leather hobo bag. Too plain for my taste. The way that it was hyped up, I was just expecting, well, more.

  • Kate

    Totally over that bag.

  • Patricia

    I almost bought this bag in “Flame” (orange) at 50% off, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not that I need it to scream “YSL”, but the Roady just seemed a tad too ordinary for me, so I decided to pass on it in favor of the Prada Vitello Daino Tote in Papaya.

  • Jacki

    I love the classic simple hobo shape, someday I do plan to get one so I hope the Roady is here to stay!