rebecca minkoff morning after mini Rebecca Minkoff is obviously one of my favorite designers and a great friend. I have not hidden that. But the truth is that I truly love her bags. And of all her bags the Morning After has been my favorite. The shape is perfect, the colors offered are great, and the look is just right. The Morning After is a great size but the Morning After Mini is even better for me. It is not so mini that it fits nothing, but it is really great if you do not need as much space. I obviously have a thing for purple so I am loving the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Deep Purple. The MAM is 20% smaller than the MAB, but still offers the exact same features. Buy through Rebecca Minkoff for $550.

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  • Alex

    love her bags, and love that her prices aren’t ridiculous either! go RM!!

    • Jamie

      Hey!! I love her bags too!! Actually, I was just shopping downtown and stopped in at Funky Lala… the girl working the floor told me that they are having crazy sales thurs thru sat on Botkier, RM, and Kooba Bags from previous seasons!!! Rebecca is even going to the store July 17 thru the 20 for a garden party where there will be champagne, food and big sales!!! Figured you guys would be interested!!

  • keke

    love rebecca minkoff’s bags but just wondering those anyone know where i get one in the UK perferbaly in london.

  • lauren

    love it!! hope she keeps her prices *reasonable* too!

  • amyh

    I bought this bag a few weeks ago and the deep purple color is really beautiful. I have the full sized Morning After bag and it’s really roomy, a bit on the heavy side. I also hear purple bags are going to be big for Fall so this one is a keeper.

    • Nicole Pittman

      Where did you find it in purple? On the website it doesn’t look like they have deep purple, only the black, tangerine, and wine.

    • Nichole

      Where did you find the deep purple MAB?

  • Rashmi

    I am soooo bummed that Rebecca discontinued the Matinee bags. I was looking for the wine color but cannot find it anywhere online.

    Dear Megs, since she is your good friend, would it be possible to let Rebecca know that her fan is upset about this and when is she going to bring it back? I read somewhere that she’s going to change the design of the matinee but still I’m bummed. I need the matinee in wine!! :)

    if anyone knows where i can find it, i’d appreciate your posting here.

    Thank you.

    • hawaii2484

      i don’t think the matinee is discontinued; i read that miss minkoff is reinventing the bag w/ less zippers and pouches this time around.

  • amyh

    I live in Seattle but was in Omaha, Nebraska visiting family. I was totally surprised when I saw RM bags at Von Maur. Von Maur is a department store. I call it the Nordstrom of the midwest. They also had it in Tangerine. Ask for Katie and tell her the girl from Seattle sent you!

  • Anna

    I love the bags and this new color is great. However I am having a horrible experience with purchasing from the website. I purchased straps for my mini on March 25, and while my credit card was charged right away, I am still waiting to receive the merchandise. Many emails on my part, and no explanation on theirs, just promises of tomorrows. So disappointing as it has turned me off the brand.

    • Rashmi

      Anna, I too contacted them and they told me that some of the colors are back ordered which means we have to wait. I asked them if it’s better to buy when it arrives then they said it’s better to pay now so that they won’t run out of it.

      I think Rebecca Minkoff should hire more people or buy more raw materials so that she can keep up with the demand. It’s a bit sad when they take the money right away but make the customers wait more than a month.

      • Anna

        Rashmi, had anyone at any point of time told me that the color was backordered that would satisfy me. However, not once was the word “backorder” mentioned. In fact they actually said two weeks and you will have it. And then it was a whole bunch of “oh we will look into it, will email you UPS shipping number tomorrow” and another 2-3 weeks of nothing, only for me to contact them again. Purchasing a product that you know up front is backordered is one thing – it is a decision we make as buyers to let go of the money now and wait. I never made that kind of decision as a buyer.
        I agree, they need to have more people and maybe a better customer service strategy, an acknowledgment of wrong doing usually is enough for me to wait, but I never even get that.
        Thank you for sharing with me, and I don’t mean to keep on complaining I am just shocked at this. Didn’t expect this kind of treatment.

  • tina

    such a pretty color ! i believe lunaboston has them! MAM is much better and less heavier than MAB for sure! gosh this brand is becoming like mainstream trend and all i see these days are girls carrying them which i think is really annoying. but don’t get me wrong, i heart RM but don’t want to look like everyone out there.

  • Rashmi

    I totally agree Anna. Rebecca being such a popular designer should know what’s going on and as the leader of the company she along with her executive team should communicate well with her employees so they can relate the accurate information to the customers….it’s simple. whether it is the president of the US or a designer, communication is key. In the website when you select tangerine mini, it says back ordered till 5/31 which isn’t a clear message because 5/31 has already passed and they should put accurate info as to how long the wait is, when it’ll be available online etc.

    I myself was surprised that the employee at the nyc rebecca minkoff did not even know that the matinee is out…looks like they don’t even check online. It’s just very sad that such a popular designer is not very attentive to the customers’ demands. this can lead to losing customers.

    btw, have you checked out TANO handbags? I recently found them and they are very well priced i mean affordable and they have all kinds of designs and colors. i purchased one. you should check them out.

    • Anna

      Thank you Rashmi, I will check out TANO bags for sure

  • mette

    I only like the color of this bag. That´s about all.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Beautiful bag…color & style :grin: Where on EARTH can you find any RM bags, in any style, in a deep purple :?:

    • Susan had the deep purple. and Free shipping! :mrgreen:

  • Sammy
  • sharon

    oh my god :razz:
    i love that bag so much
    i just got it from
    their service is really good
    i just bought on sunday and i got it on wednesday so quick…

  • Style Guru

    Love this!

  • Fatal Attraction

    On Sale at Luna Boston Now!

  • wholesale Underwear

    I’m writing my PhD thesis *_*

  • Jelita78

    RM is definitely most logical in price range despite how high the brand has now become.
    love it! (ipad)