Last winter I set my sights on owning a Polène bag. I took the plunge and ordered a Numéro Un and it quickly became one of my top favorite bags in my collection. I get so many compliments any time I wear my Polène bags, and I love sharing the brand with everyone who asks about my bag (it feels like a hidden handbag secret that I’m letting people in on). Polène bags are handcrafted in Spain and have an effortlessly chic element to them. I loved my Numéro Un so much (you can see it in my rotation here), and when the brand offered to send me one of their newest designs to check out, I was absolutely smitten with the first wear. The Numéro Sept has a very city-eqsue aesthetic, but I instantly feel cooler when I wear it. Even when wearing it stateside, I feel as if I’m roaming the romantic streets of Paris with it on my arm. There are many reasons to love this bag, and I’m excited to review them for you below!


I love the clean lines of the Numéro Sept, the sleek design radiates an effortless style, making it really easy to wear with any outfit. The bag is crafted from full-grain smooth leather, which is a beautiful leather both to touch and to look at. The Numéro Sept has a flat flap that covers the majority of the front of the bag and the design is tied together with a dainty clasp to secure your items. The clasp is unique and one I’ve never used before…it’s a tiny gold circular loop clasp, which I think really draws your eye in and completes the design of the bag.

The shoulder strap for the Numéro Sept is thick and sturdy, almost like a camera strap, giving it an edgy aesthetic. The strap is adjustable, so you can decide how long or short you want to wear it (it can be adjusted from 96 to 111 cm).

The interior of the Numéro Sept is lined in suede, which is so luxurious and elevates the feel and look of the bag. I love opening the bag and feeling the interior, it’s so soft (and it smells so good!).

Usability + Functionality

I adore the fact that the Numéro Sept has a handheld handle and a longer shoulder strap, it gives it the dual functionality I crave so much in a design. I tend to carry mine by hand but often throw the thick shoulder strap over my shoulder if I’m on the go. The shoulder strap stays on my shoulder well, but I wish the handheld handle was a tiny bit longer so that it could go to the crook of my arm. I’m knocking off a star because you can’t remove the longer shoulder strap, but it is worth noting you can remove the smaller handheld handle if you want to wear it by the longer strap exclusively.

The clasp on the Numéro Sept is easy to secure, which I am thankful for. One of my handbag pet peeves is a difficult clasp and I am happy to report that there have been no issues at all with the clasp of this bag! It locks into place and stays locked, and when you pull up the gold loop it unclicks seamlessly. I hate clasps that open randomly when I’m wearing a bag, and I am happy that the clasp of the Numéro Sept is very secure and never randomly pops open mid-wear.

As I mentioned, the interior of the Numéro Sept is lined with suede. I’ve often found that a suede lining can result in a very heavy handbag, but the Numéro Sept manages to stay super lightweight despite the interior lining. I am really impressed overall by how lightweight the bag is, leather and suede are often heavy materials but this bag is light and airy to carry, even when stuffed to maximum capacity.

There is an interior pocket that you could stash your credit card, a chapstick, or a small set of keys into if you don’t feel like carrying a wallet or a pouch, which I think is an added bonus.

Quality + Construction

Polène quality is superior, it feels and wears like a premier designer handbag. In fact, to be totally transparent, the stitching and materials actually feel more high end than several of my premier designs. The stitching is precise, the materials are sturdy, the hardware is shiny. I can’t get over how well made my Polène bags are, you can tell that they are handcrafted from the moment you hold one. I had a colleague think my Polène bag was a Chloé and she was shocked and delighted when I showed her the brand’s website. The Numéro Sept definitely falls in line with the quality I have come to expect from the brand.

Price + Value

Polène makes beautiful and unique designs for amazing prices. The Numéro Sept currently retails for $480 USD. The price is right for the level of craftsmanship and materials of the Numéro Sept, and the unique yet timeless design makes this bag a no-brainer.

The bag is an excellent size, measuring at 23 x 21 x 12 cm. I love that the bag is on the larger side for the price tag too (especially when so many teeny tiny bags have such large prices). The Numéro Sept also comes in a mini version that retails for $380 USD (and measures 17 x 16.5 x 10 cm). The mini version is perfect for anyone looking to partake in the mini bag movement that is making waves among purse enthusiasts worldwide.

Lastly, I am obsessed with the fact that Polène hand makes its handbags in Spain, so for $480 you are really getting your money’s worth. Polène bags come in a beautiful pearly iridescent box, which I use to decorate the top shelves of my closet! It’s so pretty.

Staying Power

The design of this bag has definite staying power. The Numéro Sept has no flashy logos, no monograms, with bold yet elegant hardware. Therefore, I believe this bag to have a staying power of 5 out of 5. The design is clean and timeless. You can dress this bag up with a dress for a nicer occasion or throw it on with leggings to run errands, making it perfect for a multitude of occasions.

Overall Rating

Overall, this bag is outstanding. The design, functionality, quality, and price point make it a great bag. If you are looking for a new handbag at an outstanding price point, I cannot recommend a Polène bag enough. The Numéro Sept will be a chic addition to any wardrobe.

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