Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup for Friday, July 12. As summer rolls by, we’re seeing lots of sale threads and wonderful bags and outfits. Chanel was incredibly busy this week, and we also found time to take in the sights in Hèrmes, Proenza Schouler and more!

Outfit Picture

This week we spent a bit of time in the Outfit of The Day threads, just to see what the stylish PurseForum fashionistas were wearing to their summer gatherings. In The Wardrobe, the “non specific” Outfit of the Day thread is one of our favorites because we never know what we will find! We spotted bbagsforever’s pop of color heels, plus mello_yello_jen getting into the spirit of July 4 while keeping it stylish. Sammi225 styled a cute cowboy boot top with some hot heels, and we even found even style inspiration for gentlemen in this fun and fast-moving thread. There are “outfit of the day” threads throughout the PurseForum, why not jump into one of them? The more the merrier, right?

Hermes Scarf Inspiration

We thought it would be fun to visit Hèrmes for one of our favorite threads, the Scarf of the Day thread. This is another fast-moving thread, which also features Theme Weeks, and we were lucky enough to catch the end of The New World week, which included the incredible Wa’Ko-Ni carré, depicting a Northeast Prairie woman. We also enjoyed seton’s stunning collection of Les Ameriques, and marvelous Kachina colorways from Israeli_Flava and Hermesick. If you’re not acquainted with these amazing designs, you are in for a real treat!

While browsing the Hèrmes Scarf of the Day thread, we found some informative posts by Chestnutty, who took some time out to investigate the real-life inspiration behind one of Hèrmes’ beautiful Fall 2012 scarves, Parures des Maharajas. Follow along and prepare to be dazzled!

Chanel Box and Tomato Can

Do you buy, sell, or just browse on eBay or other online market sites? If you do, you know there are terrific bargains to be had, along with some real risks and pitfalls. If you need help navigating these murky waters, we have just the place for you. The eBay subforum has grown to include other topics and is loaded with tips about most any problem that may arise. This week’s hot topics include the dreaded chargeback and the interesting yet unsettling topic of receiving a bag with something unexpected inside. Members are also discussing weird listings, random seller refunds and eBay’s photo policy. This is a great place to post questions and get timely, wonderful advice from our incredibly knowledgable and helpful members.

Curious about the Chanel-Tomatoes connection? Visit the Latest Purchases thread in the eBay subforum to connect the dots!

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag Coral

We have been seeing a lot of Proenza Schouler out and about lately, and we regularly visit the PS subforum to see what our members have been up to. We found some nice reveals this week, including this pretty PS1 in deep coral from bagloverny. This wonderful shade is really eye-catching for summer. Member veneti has been busy and showed of her gorgeous red and nude PS1s. We also absolutely loved insuelin’s and Nanaz’s version of this bag in smoke, a perfect warm grey that will go from summer into fall with ease. This combination is definitely going on our watch list. Speaking of wishing, are you wishing for a Proenza Schouler bag in one of the gorgeous colors here? Or perhaps some other color currently available? Drop into the wish list thread and join the conversation today!

Chanel Green Classic Flap Bag

We found an attention-grabbing thread title in Chanel this week, and we apparently were not the only ones with a little island fever. Redvelvetloubie has perfectly captured the Caribbean sun and sea with her new pair of bags, and Roundup readers will know why these colors stole our hearts the instant we saw them! You will want to have a seat before checking into chency’s sale haul thread, and better stay in your seat for busy redvelvetloubie, who had quite a successful sale shopping trip to go along with her Caribbean duo. Do not miss the grey Camelia, we beg you.

As much as we love color, we also love when a member finds his or her holy grail, and in many cases in Chanel, this is, of course, the iconic black caviar Classic Flap. This week we congratulate Melody z on finding hers, and her enthusiasm for this iconic bag is certainly contagious. This was a great week for Chanel fans, no doubt about it!

Thanks for joining us in our travels around the PurseForum. We hope that we give you some wonderful places to jump into the many conversations going on in fashion and so much more! As always, enjoy the week ahead and we will see you back here in seven short days!

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