Well, that was fast! While we were busy looking at purses, shoes and bags, an entire week flew by! Welcome to the Mid-March PurseForum Roundup, in which we shall celebrate the first awakenings of spring with a visit to Louis Vuitton, Coach and more. We’re so happy you are joining us!

Louis Vuitton Collection

In Louis Vuitton, we stopped first at Ban Island, since we’re on a bit of a ban ourselves. We thought it would be fun to share our disappointment of not having a new bag in our future, but boy, were we in the wrong place! Myfirstchanel fell off the ban wagon hard with her purchases this month – including a spectacular clutch in hot pink – and she really needs our help getting back on track. Hopeach also had some seriousl purchases to confess to the group. Turns out popular Ban Island is actually a bit of a reveal thread, so tread cautiously, friends.

Louis Vuitton members are keeping close watch on TooManyWantMore’s poll on which color to choose for her new bag. Seems she has already decided but we are awaiting the big reveal. Did you agree with her choice? Stay tuned. There are plenty of reveals and more decisions to be made in LV this week, but we want to leave you with this wee treasure from nashpoo, because, really, its the little things that make us smile every time!

Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps

You know we love instant reveals, so we wasted no time clicking on armanigirl’s instant reveal in Christian Louboutin this week. This busy subforum also celebrated along with LVmyLife, who, agains all odds, scored her stunning dream wedding shoes! We welcomed back our friend samina, whose collection thread never fails to stop traffic. After nearly a year, samina added more beautiful shoes to her patent leather family, and if you haven’t visited this thread, it’s definitely worth starting out right from page one. Shoe lovers will also not want to miss the Show Off Your New Shoes thread, where this month we found some truly eye-popping shoes, like these from Louboulove, just one of the many showstopping reveals in this fast-moving thread.

Christian Louboutin Python Platforms

Bottega Veneta Close Up

Isn’t it wonderful to see a daffodil? We dropped into Bottega Veneta to see of there were any colorful reveals on deck, and found that indiaink had a bag repair story to share – along with the sunny yellow harbinger of spring we all know and love. Drowsy1 showed off a gem of a coin purse that is nothing short of adorable, and lucky saracaitlin shared the newest addition to her collection which, happily for us, includes some shoes, too! BV lovers will really appreciate the new purchase that absolutean revealed this week –this smooshy sea of luxurious woven nappa leather is what keeps us up at night, dreaming of this amazing brand. Still on the fence about BV? This thread may help you: Reasons to Buy a Bottega Veneta Bag. See you in BV!

Mulberry Lock Closeup

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all who celebrate. We found this adorable little fellow in Juicy Couture, where the most popular threads continue to revolve around the wonderfully detailed and whimsical charms this brand offers. He’s hanging off tatertots’ beautiful Mulberry and making a strong case for for wearing green this coming week! If you would like a charming breath of spring, you will love these beautiful daisy charms, courtesy of katierose. We are skipping The Kitchen this week, but if you are hungry, these tasty charms from GoldenLeopardLady are exactly what you need. Our members style these little jewels in dozens of ways, and we have a special thread dedicated to just that.

Vintage Coach Bag

In Coach, while searching for signs of spring, we got lucky and found some irises. We also found this absolutely lovely vintage bag from JOODLZ, one of several great finds in this thread. Alexa5 also shared some old and new finds in her Reveal thread. Brave Coachie3 revealed a new purchase, and even confessed to a little DIY tweaking that turned out great! Phoxxy picked up a luxurious moss green borough bag this week, and luvcoach sailed into spring with her new beauties: ruby and sea mist anyone? LvoesBags picked up something special in grey,  and Scorpio1101 took a walk on the edgy side with her new studded Bleeker.

Coach Borough Bags and Bag Charms

We close out this Roundup and this visit to Coach with a hint of summer to come: This Borough barstripe highrise is like a breath of fresh air and perfect for spring and summer. Dl787 added this beauty to her collection this week, and shared it along with its sweet little companion.

Thank you for coming along this week! For every thread we share here, there are hundreds more on the PurseForum, and we hope you enjoyed this week’s selections. Please visit here again next week for more! In the meantime, have a great weekend and week ahead.

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