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Happy Friday! For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, Happy Day After Thanksgiving! It’s a big shopping day, and if you were out among the crowds, we feel for you. No matter how you spent your day, welcome to the PurseForum Roundup – kick back, relax, and come on in.

Hibiscus Flowers

This week, we stopped in the Kitchen because we love it in there, and because in the States, it’s Thanksgiving. We are liking the Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Foods thread, and of course the I Ate This thread had some tasty-looking treats this week. (Hint: tacos!)

In Home & Garden, we thought we might find some snow in the Garden Photographs thread, but we found authenticplease’s beautiful Amaryllis instead. Home & Garden is also a great place to get decorating ideas for the upcoming holidays, but we will wait until after Thanksgiving to delve into those.

Mansur Gavriel Opening Ceremony Bucket Bag

Isn’t this a great bag for the holiday season? We found this pic in Chanel, of all places. Many of our forums have a “cheating on” thread, and this Mansur Gavriel bag was hiding in plain sight in the “Shhhhh….We won’t tell” thread. Though poobag’s new bag is kind of hard to keep secret…

Chanel Handbag Collection

This dreamy family photo is the icing on the cake in Annlovebag’s reveal. One of these bags is brand new, and joined this happy group just this week. Can you guess which one? We’re not telling but we will say this: we love it when Christmas comes early to the PurseForum. Be sure to catch Illya’s reveal, too: a perfect WOC for the season!

Christian Louboutin Strass Sandal

Do you know what “strassing” is? If not, you definitely need to visit the CL DIY thread in Christian Louboutin. Our members breathe new, sparkly life into their Christian Louboutin shoes with zillions of crystals, and the results are quite astonishing – particularly when one takes into account the patience required for such a task. Don’t believe us? Consider what jlbair undertook with these Balotas. Visit the thread to see the finished product.

Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps

Isn’t this a great moment captured? Glamourdoll clearly fell hard for these Manolo BBs (AKA the perfect shoe) and could not wait to share. This slice of heaven is brought to you from the Manolos thread in the Glass Slipper, where our members celebrate this iconic brand. Congratulations, Glamourdoll!

Chanel Bag and Bruschetta

Which looks more delicious: the bag, the food, or the wine? Luccibag has updated her collection thread in the Bag Showcase, and wow, she has been busy! This photo is pure purse perfection, and we really can’t decide which part of it we want more (the purse). While you are in theBag Showcase, be sure to pay a visit to silviap90’s noir collection. You will not want to miss this stunning collection of black bags, trust us. 

Though National Handbag Day is but a distant memory, Yoshi1296’s collection thread ricochets us back to that much-beloved holiday. (Was it really almost two months ago?) Ah, memories. There is so much to see in the Bag Showcase, and we hope you make it a regular stop when you visit the PurseForum.

Fendi Monster Tote

Heaven help us, we love the Fendi Monster Tote. And this blue sings to us–as Roundup Readers know, to us, this color is everything! This fun bag belongs to lumkeikei, and the truth is: we want it!

Fendi Peekaboo Bag

If your taste is a bit more conservative, you will love this Peekaboo–midnight blue is nothing to be sneezed at, and we think johnygaga made a great choice with her new bag. We have to hand it to Fendi for truly offering something for everyone, as this sparkly reveal from stjohnnut so prettily illustrates.

Fendi By The Way Bag and Monster Wallet

Three’s a charm in Fendi this week! We just had to add this third photo, a great shot from nikimenz–this has to be Fendi’s version of the best of both worlds!

That’s a wrap, dear friends. For many of us, this week is all about giving thanks and being grateful, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU for being a part of our PurseForum and PurseBlog family. Without you, well, we would still have fun looking at purses, but you make it so much better! We love sharing our passions with you and we are so grateful that you share with us. We wish you and all your loved ones joy, peace and happiness in the upcoming holiday season. See you next week!

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