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  • Pete

    Stunning. Do Birkins come with those scarves like the SLP’s sac de jour? I think they look beautiful. Plus it prevents damage to the handles.

    • kemilia

      I think the scarves, called Twillys, are purchased separately. I have a Twilly that I use as a neck scarf. Though I could be totally wrong–I am no Hermes expert–heck, I only have a couple of bracelets and the Twilly.

      • Cari

        Does Tonkamama’s family own Tonka???

    • Bellabluek

      You purchase them as separates. The idea behind the Twilly (scarf) worn on the straps of your Birkin is supposed to reduce the damage made to the handles when you wear it, according to a SA at the Hermes store in San Diego.

      Twillys are also used as neck scarves, bracelets and to make bows to decorate your bag :D

  • HelloHappylife


  • HelloHappylife

    Such a boring overrated brand. Plus the pictures are obviously posed probably to fill someone’s IG feed… Smh

    • kemilia

      This particular thread is supposed to be posed–posed on car seats! I think BV has a similar thread. I will never take a pic of any of my bags on my car’s seat–the pug fur would be too embarrassing, and I work so hard on keeping that under control too, pugs are notorious shedders :)

    • FashionableLena

      I take pictures of my bags posed on car seats, and I don’t own anything Hermes. Personally, I like the lighting. Instagram is supposed to be fun. Well, at least that’s how I look at it.

    • amazigrace

      I used to say that too until I could afford to buy my first Birkin. I was simply jealous. They are the most beautifully made handbags in the world, hence the expense. Unlike other brands, they never go out of style, and you will never wear one out. In my opinion, they’re no overrated. They’re an investment.

  • Otter

    Ha ha ha. The clutch bag positioned next to the Bentley shift. Fancy times. I do like that bag!

  • Beautiful bags! I can’t wait to get my hands on a Kelly

    • Mya Wilkes

      Me too!!!!!