Over the weekend, model Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she had bought herself a bag that she normally wouldn’t spend money on, but this time she did, because YOLO. (If you’re unfamiliar, the phrase YOLO comes from an annoying Drake song and stands for “you only live once.”) She then posted the above picture of the bag, a bead-and-fur-covered version of the Fendi Daisy Clutch. Apparently Teigen’s followers gave her a hard time about the bag, but sometimes you just have to buy what it is that makes you happy, even if it’s weird and expensive and might make others think you’re nuts.

That’s what got us thinking. Imagine you had some extra money (say, $2000), and you could ONLY spend it on the weird bag of your choosing. Something that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself because it’s impractical or very seasonable or just not custom-tailored to fit into your wardrobe all that well. Or, best of all, because it’s just a little bizarre. Your YOLO bag is the handbag that you judge yourself a little bit for liking so much, and that you promise yourself you will only ever consider buying if it goes on sale, even though the possibility of it selling out makes your heart hurt just a little bit. So what’s your YOLO bag? I’ll share mine (and so should you) after the jump.

Oddly enough, there’s nothing super bizarre out there right now that just speaks to me, either because fall stuff is still coming in or because my definition of what qualifies as truly bizarre has gotten so narrow that almost nothing could reach that threshold. As it is, the bag that I’d buy if I had 2000 bag dollars to spend only on something I’d never actually consider buying is the Prada Jeweled Flat Clutch. It’s just weird enough to qualify, and since it’s a heavily embellished clutch, it’s definitely not a design I can take for a spin on the regular. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you can grab it via Neiman Marcus for $1495.

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  • Silversun

    Does it have to be crazy? Cos I think my YOLO bag is the small cream/gold python Chloe paraty that I’d never buy full-price because it’s just dirty horribleness waiting to happen, but damn if it doesn’t look good sitting there all pristine.
    For something crazier… I kinda dig the little Louboutin bag with the spikes on the shoulder, even though I worry I’d impale my brain on them. That, or the one with the multicoloured feathers on the shoulder. Purdy!

    • Doesn’t have to be crazy! Just something you’d normally never spend money on, even if you could theoretically afford it, but would love to have anyway.

      • this is kind of hard because i actually have more than one; first 2 from the f/w 2008 collection of Gucci, the large hobo babouska in crystal GG and the tapestry hysteria collection, the monogram épices kalahari in safran from Louis Vuitton s/s 2009, the siri tassel in navy from Marc Jacobs,the Valentino rosette tote in red, the CHANEL take away bag and Chinese Doll clutch from Paris/Shanghai, the Kremlin Roof, Russian Symbols and Russian Doll clutch from Paris/Moscu, the Indian Doll clutch from Paris/Bombay and lastly (and the most frustrating bag ever because i know i can make it but i still can’t do the stitch) the flap bag with crocheted flowers from s/s 2010 also from CHANEL

      • and i was forgetting the CHANEL fur and tweed flap bag from f/w 2010 the withe basket from spring 2010, the sheepskin lockit from Vuiton last fall and this Versace bag from s/s 2010 in lilac just for “staring at it on a shelf” purpose

  • Bir

    Hmmmm has to be the Chanel had sided mini clutch all done in chrome effect I don’t know the exact name and did not look into it much simply because I knew if I did I would buy it but…….I find it has an odd shape and really can’t find much logic to it but……. I love it !!!!

  • I have two YOLO bags that I would buy, but never will…a Christmas red birkin and a magnificent Judith Leiber. Not sure which Leiber I would buy but any of them is my “yes but then I couldn’t pay for the kids college bag :) “

    • Dee

      Totally agree on the Leiber. The bedazzled conch shell specifically. Love. For the price I would have to carry it everywhere to justify the expenditure. Just holla “YOLO” when you see me with it pumping gas and buying groceries.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    A neon green Balenciaga. Can’t take it out in direct sunlight, can’t wear it in the rain, can’t set it upon even a freshly vacuumed floor, can’t hold it too long against the palm oils, can’t rub it next to dark denim…..but it still calls my name.

    • Silversun

      I have the S/S12 Vert Poker, which is a pretty bright green, and it’s a lot more resilient than I initially thought. Poor thing has been out in both direct sunlight *and* rain, and has aged quite well despite it! :)

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        I’ve read a lot of negative comments in regards to the dye, how it rubs off and fades over time. But hearing about your first hand (or shoulder, depending on how you carry it) experience sounds encouraging. Now I shall dream of owning one with more orgasmic intensity……

  • I love Chrissy Teigen. She’s absolutely hilarious, smart, she loves to eat AND cook, AND, best of all, she never backs down from a Twitter war with Chris Brown’s fans. I. LOVE. HER.

    My YOLO bag would be the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. It’s gorgeous and is actually the only LV bag I’ve ever wanted to buy. But too pricey for me.

    • Kristen

      Agreed. Chrissy Teigen is my absolute FAV on Twitter. Plus she adores Celine bags and has several gorgeous ones!
      My YOLO bag is an Alexander McQueen clutch!

  • Shoe&BagGal

    The Dior India Saddle Bag. It screams garish, but for some reason 5 years later (it came out in 2007), I still want to own it!

    • Seely

      This gave me a good chuckle. At first glance, I was like “Ew, what??”. But the more I look at it, the more charming it gets.

      • Shoe&BagGal

        Agreed! It would be one of my “stay on the shelf and look pretty” bags! :)

  • arevans17

    The Chanel M/L Classic Caviar black flap with gold hardware…I will probably never be able to afford it :(

  • Carmen

    The Jason Wu Daphne Warrior clutch! I love it, but for some reason my sister says it’s ugly. Not so! :P

  • crazybaglady

    The Valentino Rockstud Lace Crossbody Bag screams YOLO to me! The exquisite beadwork & embroidery is simply divine –