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What New Bags Are You Most Intrigued By?

Have you been excited by any new releases lately?

In the last decade alone, hundreds of new bag lines have been released by our favorite designers, and in the last half a decade specifically, many of those have been archival designs. From Dior and Prada to Louis Vuitton and Gucci, nearly every major design House has dipped into its archives to bring back bags of the past.

There’s no denying that these re-edition bags have been incredibly successful for luxury brands and highly sought after by consumers. Still, there is a lack of excitement that comes along with fashion’s collective obsession with nostalgia.

Craving Newness

There’s an intriguing feeling of newness and innovation that comes along with new bag releases. And while exciting, that feeling is hard to replicate with recycled styles and shapes.

I’ve liked a lot of bags lately, but there’s a major difference between like and love. Many bags have caught my eye lately for different reasons, but very few completely new releases have piqued my interest. You know the feeling, that head-over-heels, gotta-have-it excitement that comes from seeing something totally new?

While I did fall in love with the Bottega Veneta Hop bag when I first saw it and loved it enough to buy it when I went to Paris, even that bag is based on an archival silhouette.

As spring new arrivals drop, have you found any of them intriguing?

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