It’s a big time of year for new bags. Not only are plenty of people already exchanging early holiday gifts, but we’re at the height of sale season, so plenty of people are finally treating themselves to new bags they’ve been eyeing for months. So, what’s made it into your closet lately, and how do you like your new bag?

My newest addition wasn’t a purchase, but a gift from the Mansur Gavriel designers (which, as we always do here, I want to disclose clearly before I say anything else about it). I’ve had my eye on the Mini Lady Bag since the size debuted and I spotted it on a woman my age in Manhattan. Seeing a piece of clothing or an accessory on another person in the wild is often a really clarifying experience for me–I usually know immediately whether I want or do not want to partake in something similar, and in this case, I wanted the bag immediately.

That was about nine months ago, but I’ve been trying to be a little more conservative with my finances this year and I have plenty of handbags to serve my purposes for the time being (this job does have some perks, after all), so it wasn’t until a recent breakfast meeting with Mansur Gavriel’s designers that an opportunity to own the bag came up after they asked me what stood out in the line to me. I jumped at the chance, naturally, and I went with the Mini Lady in burgundy leather. Making the perfect deep wine color is hard because many of them go too brown for my personal taste, but MG’s is perfect and I’ve been carrying my bag like crazy ever since.

The size of this bag is what first drew me to it–I wish more brands made bags in exactly this not-too-big, not-too-small proportion. It still fits everything I need plus some, but the profile of the bag is subtle instead of bulky, and just like all MG designs, the bag itself is super lightweight. If you’re similarly smitten, you can pick up this exact design for $1,050 via Net-a-Porter.

So now, you tell us: what’s new in your closet and how do you like it so far?

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