As much as I try to be careful, I’m just a person who is hard on things. On clothes, shoes, home decor, handbags, whatever. I used my old iPhone with a cracked screen until chunks of glass started falling out, and I buy a new pair of headphones every 10 weeks like clockwork. I am a bull in the china shop of my life. When it comes to bags, I always try to buy things that won’t show wear quickly and will resist my apparent subconscious urges to destroy them, but that’s an inexact science.

Most of my bags have held up admirably to my abuse, but they all fall victim eventually. A worn corner here, a frayed seam there – the edges start to falter, and then I have to move on to something else. A few bags have been standouts: My Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag has been stuffed into carry-ons, chewed on by rescue dogs during my volunteer gig and lugged all over the subway system with less visible wear than you’d expect for such smooth, pristine leather, and my Proenza Schouler PS1 has taken similar abuse. (Although for the latter, my luck may be improved by virtue of having a textile-over-leather seasonal version of the bag instead of a standard leather one, which are known to wear quickly.)

Louis Vuitton’s coated canvas and Epi leather bags are widely considered to be a gold standard of sorts when it comes to bags that can take a beating for years, but I don’t have any in my current rotation or on my must-buy list. That’s why we wanted to pose this question to you: Which bags stand out in your collection as being especially durable and wear-resistant? On the other hand, which bags don’t?

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  • Sandy

    I baby my bags….all of them. I am so careful that I insist on a chair for my bag at restaurants…none of them are placed on the floor, ever! The only place that I am forced to put my bag on the floor is on an airplane. I must put my bag on the floor under the seat in front of me. The bag I always go to when flying is my Givenchy Pandora. It smooshes so that I can place it carefully not touching anything…and I am careful not to put my feet on it. I am not certain which one of us has the right idea…the money we pay for these bags I refuse to handle them willy nilly….on the other hand, maybe your approach of using them freely is a better one.

  • Dania Esterman

    I baby my bags as well, but inevitable things happen, especially stains and color transfer. I have a L.A.M.B. Marigold tote that seems impervious to wear, despite its light color. Also, my Botkier bags seem to age well. There is wear, but it just gives them character, like an old leather jacket.

  • sev2108

    my balenciaga motorcycle bag – it was my first big bag purchase (almost ten years ago!) and it’s faded perfectly.

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  • Rada

    Givenchy Pandora in goatskin. Practically bulletproof. Well, not really, but you get what I’m trying to say. On the other end of the spectrum in my current rotation is my beloved, but oh-so-fragile Saint Laurent Duffle 6. Gorgeous leather, great structure, but leather is so prone to scratches and seeing pictures of heavily used SL Duffles, the bag’s boxy structure (which I personally love) becomes a flat and droopy mess. I use the bag rarely and with care because I want to keep as close to pristine as possible. Sigh.

  • Graefka

    My mom has owned her Louis Vuitton monogrammed luggage since — I think — the 1970s, and it still looks great and works well. It’s been all over the world including some very sketchy places. A bit scuffed, and maybe with a few small tears here and there, but that gives it character (brand-new Vuitton looks sort of arriviste, I think).

    On the other end of the spectrum, I have had the absolute worst luck with Proenza Schouler. I have four PS1s — because I adore the styling — but each one has some sort of flaw. The worst is my large suede satchel which busted a rivet after a handful of uses.

  • renyoj

    I would have said my Reed Krakoff Standard Hobo, but the crossbody strap has come unstitched. It still looks good despite being my everyday bag, though.

  • John

    Definitely my black Givenchy Pandora in goatskin leather. That bag has been crushed in a crowded bus, stuffed underneath a plane seat, etc. Yet after 2.5 years, leather still looks pristine even after daily use without any visible scratches.

    My Bottega Informale briefcase with its rich buttery leather, on the other hand, shows wear quickly. However I don’t baby it anymore because it looks better that way. :-)

  • rigidmink

    My very first bag purchase is the most delicate handbag I own: the Miu Miu Bow in alluminio. This was before Miu Miu began coating the leather and although it makes for a gorgeously soft bag, it’s the one that I baby the most because it has so many issues!
    The most durable bag I have is the Gucci vintage web boston in dark brown. so sturdy with little-to-no wear showing. It’s been stuffed, banged up, squished and loaded down with all my stuff and it’s been a breeze to own =)

  • D

    My LV monogram speedy is a winner. ..survived 6 years of university life perfectly! Rain, snow, spilled drinks, heavy books etc… I know many people hate LV but there is a reason why it is so popular…none of my designer bags held up so good…
    Celine mini luggage was the worst experience…it looks awful after a year of use…totally lost its shape…I wish I would spend those money on sth in epi lv

  • Averil

    My Chanel GST and Prada Saffiano leather bags have turned out to be excellent everyday work bags, would highly recommend these two to anyone!!

  • Allanah Mooney-Ricketson

    My Sophie Hulme Soft Flap leather satchel, has no scratches and there is no wear on the seams or corners. leather has softened over time but still retains clear structure. Hardware is still shiny and no scratches or serious tarnish. The suede inside is really stained though.

  • Andy

    LV Neverfull
    I carried my school textbooks in it every day for a year, and it’s still in *great* condition. BTW, my school textbooks probably weighted approx. 10kg altogether (and yes, my back was killing me that year).

  • Joana Richard

    Louis Vuitton Bags are the best, I have a Petit Bucket with 14years and It still look structure and perfect. The only Problem Is the Interior, but I ask LV to repair It. The other bag Its the Speedy 30 In Damier Azur, 8 years, never color transfer PERFECT! :)

    • Jennifer Blue

      LV my faves!

  • mariport

    LV Neverfull is like iron!

    • Jennifer Blue

      I agree!

  • Puro

    LV Damier ebony is quite indestructible. Have used a Thames for many years and it still looks good. Michel Kors Saffiano leather Tote on the other hand is showing signs of wear in less than a year. Never buying MK again.

    • Jennifer Blue

      LV damier ebene speedy just can not be destroyed! I love it!

  • Puro

    Another one that I forgot to mention earlier is my Ferragamo Sofia in calf leather. That bag looks as good as new even after three years and no babying at all.

  • Arielle Kostan

    Last Summer I received 2 of my aunt’s Dooney & Burke bags, from the 90’s as a gift. One is a black bucket and the other is a cream crossbody. (She knows I’ve always loved them. I was even with her when she purchased the bucket.) I know for a fact she’s worn them virtually non-stop, until she grew utterly tired of them. They both still look good as new.

    • Jennifer Blue

      I know folks don’t like dooney that much but the bags hold up for years! Pretty good for mid price point…

  • ellavanw

    Every LV bag I’ve ever owned has gotten destroyed really quickly – stopped buying them for that reason. My gold standard for heavy-duty abuse, surprisingly, is Chanel. I have several Chanel bags in caviar leather that have been stuffed under the seats of hundreds of planes, braved Manhattan subways, been thrown around in cabs, and they still look fine years later.

  • ami

    I used a Kate Spade black leather bag everyday for work for 7 years and it still looks great and structured til now. If my company hadn’t given me a laptop to take home (which doesn’t fit into the Kate Spade), I would still be using that bag everyday.
    Looking at all the bags that I own, I think my LV Speedy would outlast them all. On the other hand, my Bottega Veneta seems to be the most fragilel.

  • Michelle Lim

    My workhorse bags are all from Mulberry! My Alexa, Del Rey and Bayswater have all suffered city life and travel abuse and they age SO gracefully!! My Bayswater endured a NY blizzard and it’s wearing battle scars in the form of water stains ever so gracefully.

  • The Shoulder Strap

    Durable bags of mine definitely include Balenciaga Velos, Givenchy Pandora in pepe leather, Celine Mini in pebbled leather, Celine Nano in smooth leather and LV SC bags. Amazing bags and totally worth the money.

    • emogen_indie

      Gotta give this LV SC Bags a thought.. I have been such a Celine devotee for the past year so maybe.. just maybe I should have other bags too.. But so far my Fendi 2Jours have been the one holding up, I have worn it for 2 years not even a speck of scratch..

  • Maya

    Givenchy Pandora (this bag has been with me all over!), Nightingale (same!) and Lucrezia bags. Balenciaga Motorcylce bag. Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

  • bir

    BEST Hermes birkin Swift black ghw very soft these days and perfect perfect !!!
    the one bag that i have strong regrets on because of qaulity issues is the celine luggage bag …. such a dissapointment

  • gypset

    My Prada Lux double-zip tote is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone. I love saffiano leather because it is scratch resistant and easy to clean. It is a light grey with gold hardware and I was worried about it holding up but after a years use it looks like new! I recently purchased an Alexander Wang Rocco after much hesitation… I’ve heard they’re not durable but we shall see! I couldn’t pass it up in the cobalt color :) After reading through the comments I’m now set on purchasing a Givenchy Pandora!

  • Kory

    Louis Vitton Artsy Infinity. The best. Taken it to the beach even. It really is my workhorse bag!

  • LC

    My Longchamp le pliage is my most used bag. Still use it after five years. The cheapest one too outta my whole collection! Haha.

  • NAK

    I have high end bags (Prada, Fendi etc.) but my most fascinating bags are my vintage coach bags. I mean 20 and 36 years old vintage. You can do anything to them and they retain their beauty and have aged impeccably. The bonus is that a soak in warm water with Dawn, a toothbrush cleaning and a good conditioning as a home remedy make them like new again. And they look timeless.