Before mini bags were the thing I mostly carried bigger bags like totes or satchels, filling them to the brim with things I needed but also extras I really did not (like magazines, 4 different snack options and 5 chapsticks). Though I’ve streamlined what I carry day to day, not only to make mini bags work for me, but also to limit the amount of unnecessaries I tote around day to day, there is one thing I miss about larger bags: the pockets.

Back when a Louis Vuitton Neverfull was my bag of choice, I utilized the inner pocket to house the things I didn’t want roaming around in my bag like a powder compact, chapstick, lip gloss, hairbands and other beauty goodies. My other bags had similar options in terms of internal pockets, and it wasn’t until I began carrying smaller bags that I felt the need to have a cosmetics case.

When I started routinely carrying my Speedy bags I used a Vera Bradley medium sized cosmetics case to keep myself organized, but since downsizing even further, I’ve struggled to find the perfect sized cosmetics case. Then, along came a gift with a purchase I made from L’Occiatane and I’ve been toting around my toiletries in said little pouch (seen in the featured image) ever since.

By now, the pouch is dirty and worn, and when I reach inside for my chapstick or a TUMS, I try not to pull the pouch all the way out of my bag. Even the painted little stickers on the outside are mostly peeled off, and I know I need a new home for my cosmetics, but the size of the pouch I currently use happens to be just perfect. It works in every bag that I use—from my Gucci Marmont and Chloé Drew to my Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour and my newly acquired Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette, the pouch easily transitions from bag to bag.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new, small-sized toiletry case, and so far the only solid option I’ve found is this one by Prada. What about you? Do you have a dedicated place for your lipsticks and such?

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