Over the weekend, there was quite the rainstorm as I headed out for a pedicure. I snatched up my Givenchy Antigona, as that was the bag I’ve been using the previous few days, and quickly headed into the car. I had to park about 50 feet from the nail salon, so I needed to make a run for it in the rain with my bag. I walked into the salon, selected my polish, and grabbed my seat. I sat my bag down, looked at it and felt that queasy feeling instantly–the rain left blue marks all over my light pink Givenchy Antigona.

I wiped the bag down and assumed since it is a semi-glazed goatskin, it should do fine in the rain; it’s not like I dropped it in a puddle. I kept staring at the spots all over my bag, hoping they would fade. I started to worry; what will I do if they’re permanent? Is my bag ruined? The good news: about 30 minutes later, my bag was back to normal.

As you’d imagine, I own plenty of bags that I’ve had in the rain or snow with me, and I’ve never had this happen before. I treat my bags really well, but I don’t want to be someone that is so gentle with my bags that I spend more time thinking about how to keep them pristine than I spend just using them.

Givenchy Antigona in the Rain 1

I was lucky the rain didn’t leave a permanent mark on my bag, but I was surprised about the marks showed up in the first place. The photos I took are from my iPhone, so they aren’t great, but after I freaked out about the marks, I knew I should take a picture. The incredibly weird thing about my pink Antigona is when the rain hit the bag, a splotchy, light blue color started to show through, and it spread like a disease all over. I’m guessing the blue color issue was about the original dye used on the bag; obviously, there isn’t a pale pink goat running around out there (although that would be cute), but I’ve still never seen anything like it. My bag recovered fine, but I was shocked, and it got me thinking: have any of you had a bag get ruined by rain or snow?

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