Over the weekend, there was quite the rainstorm as I headed out for a pedicure. I snatched up my Givenchy Antigona, as that was the bag I’ve been using the previous few days, and quickly headed into the car. I had to park about 50 feet from the nail salon, so I needed to make a run for it in the rain with my bag. I walked into the salon, selected my polish, and grabbed my seat. I sat my bag down, looked at it and felt that queasy feeling instantly–the rain left blue marks all over my light pink Givenchy Antigona.

I wiped the bag down and assumed since it is a semi-glazed goatskin, it should do fine in the rain; it’s not like I dropped it in a puddle. I kept staring at the spots all over my bag, hoping they would fade. I started to worry; what will I do if they’re permanent? Is my bag ruined? The good news: about 30 minutes later, my bag was back to normal.

As you’d imagine, I own plenty of bags that I’ve had in the rain or snow with me, and I’ve never had this happen before. I treat my bags really well, but I don’t want to be someone that is so gentle with my bags that I spend more time thinking about how to keep them pristine than I spend just using them.

Givenchy Antigona in the Rain 1

I was lucky the rain didn’t leave a permanent mark on my bag, but I was surprised about the marks showed up in the first place. The photos I took are from my iPhone, so they aren’t great, but after I freaked out about the marks, I knew I should take a picture. The incredibly weird thing about my pink Antigona is when the rain hit the bag, a splotchy, light blue color started to show through, and it spread like a disease all over. I’m guessing the blue color issue was about the original dye used on the bag; obviously, there isn’t a pale pink goat running around out there (although that would be cute), but I’ve still never seen anything like it. My bag recovered fine, but I was shocked, and it got me thinking: have any of you had a bag get ruined by rain or snow?

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  • Ateet

    A similar thing happened to my Fendi 3jour but it was a barely color! I was out shopping and it started to pour and these blue-greenish spots started to appear on the gussets and I started to worry but after a little while, the spots vanished!

  • kindled

    can we see a photo of it once it dried/the spots went away?

  • ellavanw

    I always wonder about the “raincoats” that come with Hermes bags – my bags are all dark/neutral colors (ebene, black, etoupe); will they really be damaged by a few raindrops? And if not, why do they come with a raincoat? I took a box leather bag out in a blizzard yesterday; in retrospect that was pretty stupid, but it seems to have weathered the experience fine.

  • CatR

    As readers, we have been on an epic journey with this bag! The leather on my LV has rain stains, but as the leather gets a patina the spots blend in.
    I have ruined a white purse with color transfer, you should write an article about that issue!

  • BlondeCloset

    I had the same thing happen to a bag (Reed Krakoff) while I was visiting NYC. I’ve had it out in the rain in CA but no spots. In NYC the spots came fast and furious and unfortunately didn’t have the same results as you, they are a permanent souvenir.

    • Really?! What color is your bag – what type of leather? I feel like you should take it back to where you bought it

  • tex

    I thought I was the only one that had this problem. Incidently it didn’t freak me out anymore since I noticed ALL of my pink leather purses and wallets turned into that pale blue color after they get wet. It didn’t matter which brand it was, they all turned that color if the leather was that light pink color. The darker pink and fuschia colors didn’t have this problem. As long as the water was clean, the leather was not damaged but if the water was muddy, I would run to the restroom and wash it down in the sink with clean water.

  • Jamie

    One of the reasons why I check the weather report and got me a longchamp sack is because i refuse to let any of my babies get rained on. when there’s rain, i use the sack instead, it better than taking my jacket to cover the bag (althoug i’ve done that countless of times)

    • Winn

      I use a longchamp tote to protect my bags too- for rain, snow, but also when traveling. I don’t think airplane floors are ever cleaned.

      • YES. I never put my bags on the floor of an airplane. I usually put it on top of the inflight magazine/safety cards on the floor.

  • cdawgcoop

    This handbag looks really cheap. Perhaps it’s simply the pictures, but it looks like it’s from Forever 21.

    • Guest

      To be honest, I hate to say it but I do find the goat antigonas a little cheap looking, especially compared to the ones in the smooth leather.

    • My photo of it with bad lighting doesn’t help, that’s for sure

  • AshleyG

    Megssssss, where was your umbrella?! Or were you already in your car once the rain started?

    I’d also like to see a pic of when the bag was fully dry. I don’t own any pink bags- the whole turning blue thing is so weird to me!

    Rain has only read done any real harm to my bags with the untreated vachetta leather. Only the darkening of the patina routine rubdowns with baby wipes have helped to even out the spots- but I can still see them on some :-/

    • I saw a little bit of rain but I figured it would be fine. Clearly, needed an umbrella!

      • Elisa

        Megs, after spending a few weeks in Ireland, I stopped carrying an umbrella. Never again, the only thing I don’t do is wear my camel coat on days when bad weather is forecasted. I just gave up and have opted for hoods, hats, and cute rain gear. I think umbrellas seldom work. I love the bag, you have wonderful taste.

  • Sandy

    Seriously?? Obviously you need glasses.

    • Sandy

      I was replying to the post that stated the bag looked cheap

  • Guest

    If was raining hard, I would’ve probably left my bag in the car (in the trunk) and just grabbed my wallet. Glad it worked out

  • Tina30

    I’d never use any of my bags in the rain…
    Just in case I always take their dust bags with me…

  • Yoshi1296

    I carried my Celine Phantom once in the rain and it held up perfectly fine. I got the black croc embossed so the leather is sturdier than the usual leather on the the phantoms. I just patted it dry with a bounty when I got home and it was all good.

    • That’s how most of my bags are… they get some rain on them and recover fine, not even a mark is left for a little

  • Katrina

    The thought of a pale pink goat running around is cute. The thought of a pale pink goat being massacred for a handbag is not so cute. Try not to mix up the cute images of live animals when discussing their dead skin Meg’s. You did that once with an alligator next to a purse which was grotesque. Most people don’t want to be reminded of the barbaric act that gives birth to their lovely handbag.
    And BTW I still see the blue colour specs in the dry bag. You should be showing that to your Givenchy SA. I would not settle for imperfections in a luxury bag caught for 2 seconds in the rain.

    • Yai

      You sound like a pain in the neck. Get off this site if you are that offended. Leather is used for a lot of products. Get over it. The thought of a pink goat is hilarious. The thought of a goat being massacred for anything is life. It happens. Again, get over it.

    • anon

      Don’t worry you guys, the life of the party is here.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Oh please, put a sock in it already! And just so you know, the pictures above are of when the bag had just recently come out of the rain. In case you missed it, Megs mentioned the bag recovered well i.e. the spots are all gone now.

    • Sorry I offended you, but I don’t really understand. Do you not buy leather handbags yourself? We don’t cover vegan bags often here.

      The second pic isn’t a dry pic – that was just another angle.

      • Katrina

        Thank you for your reply. I used to by leather but gave up recently-after a vist to a friend’s leather manufacturing plant. Won’t go into any gruesome details. I love purse blog especially the posts on who is wearing what and the more personal blogs because I feel over the years, I have “bonded” with your team and the love of an aesthetic product. The only time I feel offended is when respect is not paid to the poor animal that died to create what you and this community loves and looks after with so much adoration- the purses. And yes, I do hope with time and with a larger community having the money but not willing to purchase animal products, that PB will feature some non leather products. I apologise if I came across as rude and obnoxious????
        Would really love to see your Dry bag-I thought the two pics were comparisons of the wet and dry. I think most of us want to see the dry one to believe the blue spots went away because it looks pretty obvious in your wet photos.

    • Deborah

      The thought doesn’t bother me at all Katrina!

  • mollypete

    I suggest that you try setting a bag that’s gotten wet in front of a table fan. You don’t want to apply heat to dry it, but cool moving air helps. I had a scare with dimpling of a Coppola bag that got caught in the rain but placing in in front of a fan for a half hour or so solved the problem.

  • klynneann

    I never worried about it too much before but as my handbag purchases have gone up in price, it had become a worry. I have seen lots of suggestions about carrying a Le Pliage or envirosak or other foldable bag in case of sudden inclement weather and I’m at the point where I think it certainly couldn’t hurt.

  • Violet

    What ruins my bags are JEANS! Oh whenever I see those awkward blue streaks on the bottoms of my bag.. I cringe.. I never figured out how to remove them (white eraser helps but only a bit)! So a lot of my bags have blue streaks on the bottom. I’m not too fussed, though. Such is life! I love my bags.. and my jeans!

    • Rachel

      To minimize jean transfer on leather bags wash your jeans inside out when you first get them (or with the ones you already have!) with a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of rock salt. Tablespoon of each per jean if you do multiple at a time. The vinegar locks in color while the rock salt beats out excess color. Then wash them again to get rid of the smell. It wont completely get rid of it but it makes it about 99% better! Hope that helps!

      • Def helpful! But I still have some jeans that bleed, I just don’t get it!

  • FashionableLena

    I don’t consider water spots to be ruined. Now, if the alerted and snow made the bag shrink, I’d be horrified.

  • ami

    I have a bag that had mold grow on it after I used it in the rain. I probably did not get it dry enough before I stored it.

  • LVmom

    Another reason why I stick with my classic LV speedy! The rain or snow never shows! :)

    • TRUE!

    • BadVlad

      …probably because it is not real leather but coated canvas?

  • khm

    My Givenchy, Celine, even Balenciaga have held up well in the rain but not so with my Loewe (lambskin maybe?) – no spots but the form and shape were never as they were when I first took it home. I tried so hard to keep it under my coat or arm but the sides got wet in a sudden rainstorm and now they have a slight wave to them. Now, at the first sign of rain, my purse is the first thing I protect – sounds silly, but when you think of how much money, time and care you take to select and store your bags – it’s worth it!

    • That’s such a bummer – I still feel like bags should be able to get a little water on them without them falling apart in any way ya know?!

  • dremma

    I had d same experience with my green goatskin Antigona..and i think some of d water marks wer permanent.Thank god for d colour!Sold d bag in d end coz d Medium Antigona was jez a tad too heavy and big!Dey shud really come up with a size inbetween! :(

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    • Was your bag light green or dark? I just don’t feel like water marks should be permanent at all… such a let down.

      And yes, I’d love a Small+ size!

      • I have the tri-color nightingale in Red/Pink/White. I’ve actually had a water mark stick, so be careful ): It’s not noticeable but still sucky.

  • gaby

    I have a Givenchy Lucrezia in a pale grey color, it got wet with a rain for a minute, it was brand new! also had the exact same blue dots all over. When it dried it was back to normal… I’m thinking about spraying it with a waterproof spray for leather but I’m not brave enough, the problem is every time I take it out out of nowhere rains only to wet my bag, I swear! ;)

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      I sprayed my Lucrezia to waterproof it. Nothing happened to the bag. Now the water would just glide off of the bag.

  • missarewa

    Glad your purse recovered Megs! I got stuck in a downpour about 2 years ago with my brand new Prada Saffiano and new Varinas. It was a nightmare. I noticed the saffiano got a bit softer but years later, the bag is still truckin’. Kudos to Prada!

  • Elisa

    This is why I will never carry a blush bag!!! I A ruined blush bag breaks my heart for sure. I saw a woman step onto a Septa bus (in Center City, Philadelphia) with a brand new, bruise -free winter, white Fendi and I cringed for its future.

  • Anon

    same experience too. Had it in mastic and pebbled leather. Because of this got scared to use it in rain and ended up selling and switching to the smooth leather. No problems with the smooth leather.

  • K

    I use an Anthracite Balenciaga Maxi Twiggy (circa 2011 so no glazed coated leather yet) as my travel bag. It has gone through rain, shine, snow with me – even if slightly soaked (say about 50% of the leather), it always airs out with no leftover stained patches. The only thing I had to do after 3 years was to send it in for spa conditioning as leather got too dry. I don’t purposely go out of the way to destroy it but I don’t baby it. Best investment.

  • nash

    Exact same thing happened to my light pink caviar Chanel WOC! I freaked out thinking dye from something I was wearing transferred onto it. But it dried up pink!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Rain and snow? My bags have gone through them all. Heck! I even spilled a cup of hot coffee on my Fendi Chameleon! This bag is really a work horse. After I wiped the coffee off with some kitchen towel (with tears in my eyes), by bag looked as the day I got it! :-)

  • lol

    This bag reminds me of what a 10 year old girl would carry. I’m a guy, but a small baby pink one really? I love the brand givenchy but I can’t imagine a mature upperclass woman carrying this handbag

  • kokolicious09

    This just happened to me yesterday rain drops on my givenchy Antigona goat leather tri colour. So annoyed any remedy for this please? The water turned blue at first and dried up but still left streaky marks on the bag.

  • CN

    My understanding, from this site, http://www.saddlebackleather.com/craftsmanship/chpt4-leather-101-lesson-in-leather is that leather that’s blue in the middle is cheaply/ improperly tanned. I hope that’s not why your bag got blue spots when it got wet! :(

  • Ashley

    Thank goodness my answer is no. I do not like to treat my leather bags or baby them too much (a little leather cream every once and a while goes a long way). I do; however, carry several umbrellas of varying size in my car and/or I will put my leather bag into an eco bag to carry it to the car if it’s sprinkling too heavily.

    I’m glad your beautiful Antigona survived! I plan on getting a light pink Antigona as my next big bag purchase so this is good to know for the future.