We were so busy enjoying the holidays with our families and friends that I forgot to turn to you guys and see how your holiday went as well. Each year I hope that every little thing I wish for will find its way under my Christmas tree. This year’s Christmas was good to me, with Santa, family, friends, and brands we are lucky to work with showering me with the greatest holiday gifts a girl could ask for.

There were many items on my wishlist that didn’t make it under my tree, and one brand I would have loved to see more of was Valentino, wrapped up in pretty boxes! The Rockstud collection continues to flourish and the brand’s Resort 2013 collection is bright, colorful, and out-of-this-world beautiful.

Truth be told, many of us will never get everything we hope to because our lists continue to grow in length and price. So take a moment to share with us the gifts you got this year for the holidays and the gifts you wish you got.

Don’t be shy, we won’t judge!

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  • Laura

    My husband got me one of the Legacy motif wristlets from Coach in that gorgeous magenta pink. I also got Grace Coddington’s memoir, an iPad (to use for nursing school), a super cute case for my iPad by Kate Spade, and some giftcards to lululemon. Totally wish my LV DA Speedy 30 would have been under the tree, but I’m lucky regardless :)

  • lau

    My husband got me the LV Monogram Neverfull, I can’t believe he remembered the name of the bag, I had told him back in October. My mom got me a pair of Coach Adair boots that I love and my mother-in-law got me a pair of Versace sunglasses. I loved all my gifts.

  • katia

    i wished for the givenchy antigona, i got a gucci businesscard holder in black. and i love it

  • Angie Trewatha

    Sounds like the husband’s came though this year! My hubby bought me a pair of Celine sunglasses & a mini Coach duffle crossbody. I am not typically a Coach fan, but their Legacy line is like candy….and I see a Candace or Rory in my near future.

  • I had the BESTEST holiday every! I got my brand new Givenchy Croc Stamped Pandora, a pair of Miu Miu Glitter sneakers, a pair of Jason Wu flannel booties and some new PJs from J. Crew!

  • Nina

    Can someone direct me to where I can find the green one sitting on the box?

    • It will be on sale soon via Valentino or a Valentino carrier (like NM, Saks, etc)

      • Nina

        You rock, thank you!

  • Pg1908

    The boyfriend added to my growing handbag collection and gifted me with my first bottega Veneta medium hobo in red along with a cole haan red belted cape. Love!

  • Julie

    I got a Proenza Schouler PS1, Miu Miu Glitter Oxfords, a necklace from Tiffany, and gift cards which I used to purchase some new shoes from Lanvin, Miu Miu, Chloe, and Balenciaga! Not a bad Christmas at all. :)

  • Elizabeth

    My hubby started me a Hermes bracelet collection full of lovely colors and styles and gifted me with a Givenchy Antigona. I treated myself to a Gucci scarf and a pair of studded Tory Burch flats :)

  • Sara

    My boyfriend did great this year by surprising me with LV’s Speedy from the Yayoi Kusama collection. He topped that off with a LV cosmetic bag and David Yurman jewelry.

  • Dee

    I had a great holiday season! I received the Valentino rockstud tote in black, ferigamo flats, and a Cartier watch. I love it all but I was dreaming of the hermes Evelyn bag.

  • D

    Got the Hermes 24 cm Constance! Alexander Wang boots and beautiful Theysken’s Theory pants! Could not be happier :) Hope you had a wonderful Holiday as well! Love your blog

  • Joanna

    Gorgeous gifts. Unfortunately I didn’t received any handbag :( Happy New Year to all!!

  • Tia N

    I was also SO spoiled this year! From my boyfriend I got a beautiful kate spade purse, and my parents surprised me with the LV neverfull in damier ebene. I also got a marc jacobs laptop sleeve and a few small stocking stuffers. Even though I was hoping to find a Hermes clic-clac under my tree… I’m still so pleased regardless!

  • I got what I wanted ! The LV Epi Alma in Indigo with the shoulder strap … A very happy girl indeed :)

  • ek12nsg

    Got a prada nappa gauffre shoulder bag wih saffiano quilted wallet from my hubby!! My first prada ever… (:

  • Kali

    I´ll get my first LV bag, a 30 Speedy epi in blue as after-christmas-present the next days and yesterday I fell in love with two new beauties, the new Alms in olive and a Chloé Paraty… need to win money somewhere^^

  • Lynne

    My mom got me a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30!!! On that same day I got a gorgeous dark navy blue Christmas dress. Guess who wore what to church that morning?!

  • Candace

    I got a boatload of gift cards and I want to use those towards a LV Sophia Coppola bag in jasper. But I need more gift cards. A lot more!!! You never said what you got, Megs.

  • Dee

    Show us some of your holiday treasures Meg’s and purseblog team!
    PS I’m addicted to this blog!

  • klynneann

    My husband is setting a bad precedent – he asked what I wanted for my bday (in November) and I said I didn’t know – I just wasn’t coveting anything right then. He showed up with a Chanel wallet! Then for Christmas, same deal, but this time Chanel sunglasses! Clearly, I know what I need to do from now on – just keep my mouth shut and Chanel will magically appear, lol!