Prada Romanticizes Eras of the Past for Fall 2024

An exchange of conversation and ideas though the clothes we wear...

The power duo that is Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons continue to delight with their modern design approach. The latest Prada collection was inspired by history and the specific clothing that has defined different eras.

The past is a tool for learning, yes, but there is a certain romance that comes with it. The romanticization of its past is at the heart of Prada’s Fall 2024 collection, which explores various notions of beauty through a contemporary lens.

An instant feminine aura hit as the first model stepped onto the runway wearing a classic Prada shift dress, given a romantic touch with ribbon embellishments. Bow details were included throughout the collection, creating a delicate, feminine feel that was further
cemented as the show went on.

Prada Look 2 1
Prada Look 1

The ready-to-wear juxtaposes sleek tailoring with soft fabrics, and neutral hues make room for pops of color—both bold and pastel. Traditionally masculine shapes and materials are reworked to offer an inherent air of femininity. Floral skirts are paired with letterman jackets, while leather biker jackets are worn over dainty skirts.

Classics, Elevated

If you love Prada’s core bags, you’ll love this collection, as it’s chock-full of the classics we love. Two of the most iconic bags, the Galleria and the Cleo, returned to the runway. The Galleria, one of the House’s most functional and timeless bags, has been offered in everything from classic colorways, like white leather, to all-over fringe feather versions.

Speaking of embellishments, the Prada Cleo is also updated. My personal favorite version features delicate and pretty flowers, but there are more options from ombré to more classic renditions. There are also various materials, including a suede option and one very interesting version where the bag appears porcelain-like.

An additional detail making these bags anything but ordinary for the House is the removable buckle that sits in the crook of the models’ arms to transport these bags down the runway. It will be interesting to see this new buckle option in person and be able to test other ways of carrying the bag.

The new Prada Buckle Bag is carried over from the SS24 collection and is now offered in suede. The added detachable pouches in bright colors are another nice touch.

The shoes include black boots, which are juxtaposed with elegant and ladylike flats and small-heeled pointed-toe options. This collection felt very classic Prada, wearable yet modern, and the focus on staples was seen in everything from the bags to the ready-to-wear.

Images courtesy of Prada.

Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 6
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 23
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 43
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 21
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 30
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 47
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 37
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 39
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 46
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 38
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 19
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 51
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 3
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 29
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 50
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 18
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 17
Prada Fall 2024 Runway Bags 53


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