prada nylon bags
All bags from Saks Fifth Ave

The black Prada Nylon Bag was originally produced in 1985 and became a staple at the house of Prada. Nylon is known for its durable qualities that hold up in all weather conditions. And while it is true that you can clean nylon easily, the prices behind the Prada Nylon Bags continue to grow. What can be so expensive about a material so cheap to buy otherwise? Is it simply the name, Prada? The Prada Nylon Bags continue to be one of the best sold lines of all times, because the initial price point is cheap (relatively speaking).

So as you see the bags above, what do you think about the Nylon line from Prada? Is it worth it to you or far overpriced?

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  • Jennifer

    Ever since I was in my early teens when Kate Spade debuted her nylon bags, I have always been a fan of the durable fabric! I eventually bought a black Prada Tessuto style one and still carry on occasion in the summer. While some of the styles can be pricey, nylon appears to have begun a comeback in such brands as Gryson and Tod’s to name a few. So in an essence I would say depending on the style totally worth it!

  • purplehilighter

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too overpriced. I love Prada’s nylon bags, but it is getting ridiculous. I’d rather fork out a little more and get myself a nice leather bag.

  • violet_dagrinder

    Let’s be real. When you buy designer bags, you’re ALWAYS paying for the name. Nylon or leather, the material is a tiny fraction of the cost of the bag.

    I love Prada. I love how the designs are modern even when they are ornate. If I could afford to buy Prada nylon bags, I would. But I would know that it’s a pretty stupid thing to do, because there are similar nylon bags available for much less, and in the end its an attempt to buy status.

    Anyway. I prefer nylon. Buying leather supports an industry that is incredibly cruel to the animals. The petroleum industry is really only cruel to us. :)

  • ArmCandyLuvr

    All designer bags are overpriced when you get down to it. LV monogram bags are coated canvas, and yet a lot of pay thousands for them! Prada has always been sort of on the pricey side to me. Even their leather bags can get quite costly. Having said that, I would probably buy the $310 crossbody bag to wear to concerts, festivals, amusement parks, etc. It would be convenient to carry all my stuff around in, and it could be easily cleaned. I wish I had had a bag like that when I did the touristy thing all over New York and Boston.

  • suzana

    they just need to go ahead and start selling prada at macy’s the brand is overhyped and overpriced and has lost its luster for me. maybe a good starter for the teen crowd

  • devlo

    Prada established a new look with its line of modern, well-designed nylon bags but, for me, that look has become an old standard that many designers and mainstream retailers have copped so its not special to me at all, thus, I would NEVER shell out that much money for just a NYLON bag. So no go. I can buy a nylon bag at Target.

  • overpriced designer man bag

    Definitely overpriced.

  • Otter

    I agree with Devlo — looks like Target or worse yet –9West. Nothing special. Actually, I find the nylon much less durable than leather. I’ve had spills (ok, butter from popcorn at the movies) on a Dior nylon bag that I paid $$$$$ for and it was ruined. Had a nylon Prada and corners of bag did not wear well — began quickly to look ratty and worn — again after spending designer prices. Will never pay for a designer nylon bag again. For a bit more, I can get leather.

  • Nirodha

    Way overpriced for Nylon. Especially considering the bag is made with about $10-$20 worth of materials. And, anybody could make their own – bags are easy to sew – if they got the pattern and fabric from a fabric shop.

  • obfuscated

    Overpriced. And they look cheap.

  • Niamh

    I completely agree with the last few comments…I think they look cheap and I would hate to spend so much money on a bag only to have it look like a knock-off I picked up for a few quid. I think designer bags should look expensive and luxurious (note: I don’t mean flashy or showy, which is not the same thing at all) and nylon is NOT a luxurious or expensive material. To me, they look cheap and nasty and I would MUCH rather spend the money on a delicious Miu Miu or Marc Jacobs leather handbag than one of these!

  • Nirodha

    I’ve noticed that a lot the big Italian fashion houses, that produce nylon bags, often have them advertised as being made of “Italian Nylon”; as if that’s somehow supposed make it better. And, therefore, justifies the huge markup they place on them.

    Well, the reality is that “Italian Nylon” is no better nor no worse than nylon produced in another country. As nylon is not graded by which country it’s produced in. But, rather by it’s durability, tensile strength and thread size.

    Anyway, back to these Prada Nylon bags: I’ve noticed, after doing a Google search, that a lot can be had for $100~ on sale. This seems much more reasonable to me than that crazy $310 they were asking for that blue bag in the original post – I’ve not even going to mention the even more insane prices they were asking for the other bags.

  • Gopher

    I think with the Nylon Prada bags, you’re basically paying for that little triangle on the outside, and the little tags on the inside. I don’t think nylon is worth the price Prada demands for it. I’d rather dish out 1500 for a Paddington than a nylon bag any day (Which I did, and HATE the fact that it’s 40% off now).

  • Annie

    These have always, always been tacky and cheap. Why pay so much to look like someone who shops on Canal STreet?

  • A

    It makes you look like a townie in NYC becuz most of the NYers who wear them are wearing a fake one that says Prague if you look close

  • Ce

    The mark-up is crazy. You know, after I bought a pink Nylon bag from the Canadian Brandname discount store (Designer Depot by The Bay)- original priced at Cdn$460, then marked down to Cdn$230, then I paid at register for Cdn$65.00 – it’s more than 85% off the MSRP. & This is no fake, the purse came with the A.card & nicely place in the display counter. So, I can imagine that how much mark up there was. With this experience, I would never buy any Prada Nylon bag at regular store price. It doesn’t worth to pay extra.

    • tom orlowski

      hi ce
      couldt you please write down the website adress of this canadien store?

  • scholastican

    I love Prada and had a number of their bags. Sadly The nylon bags don’t hold up well(and I’m careful with all my handbags!). I had a nylon hobo whose lining in the interior pocket came apart at the seams. Neiman had to repair it. I have a shopping tote whose leather zipper pull on the interior pocket came off. Saks won’t repair it and is pointing me towards their Off 5th location for service since that’s where it was purchased(hey, I thought Saks is Saks, but apparently not when it comes to customer service). Now I am looking to unload the rest of my Pradas, a couple of nylon messenger bags and a suede clutch. Oh dear :sad: !

  • luv2dancek17

    I have a surprisingly differet viewpoint. I actually have about 4 different Prada nylon bags. They are 2-10 years old and I still wear them. They are obviously not only durable, but if you can wear a bag after 10 years and it not only looks new but very classy and in style, then that’s a bag well worth the price. And that sling bag? I’m a huge concert-goer. It’s absolutely perfect for standing room only. My three other bags aren’t even up there because they’d probably be listed as vintage by now…but on of my bags flops over and buckles and doubles as another sling bag (but bigger) or a tote by adjusting the length of the strap. It’s my favorite travel back because with all of its compartment it’s perfect for organization and it’s the perfect size to fit the necessities plus a book. Basically, Prada made me a loyal nylon customer for life.

  • m asca

    well.. Hermes canvas bags cost more than a grand. :evil:

  • Brit

    What people forget is that you are not buying an over-priced nylon bag. You are buying the designer’s artwork. Knock-offs are good if you can’t afford the real deal, but those knock-offs came because a designer sold it on the runway. You can go buy a knock-off Monet painting that looks real and is aesthetic, but it still isn’t a Monet. The fashion houses supply the industry with new designs which Target ultimately copies. So, you are not necessarily buying the bag, but rather, supporting the designer/artist.

  • NinjaGirl

    Contrary to what many people here think, Prada does not use cheap nylon. The nylon is from a company that manufactures boat sails. If you do a side-by-side comparison of a Prada with another nylon canvas bag you will be able to tell the difference. The differences in the texture and finish of the materials set Prada above the rest. As others have posted before, you are paying for the design/style, materials, craftsmanship, and of course the status behind the label. Is Prada overpriced? Yes, but not because of the material, Prada is overpriced no matter what you are purchasing.

  • chocco

    I have owned two Tessuto black nylon messenger bags by Prada and plan to buy a third one very soon. My bags have both been fabulous. I love them and wear either of them to every event as well as to work everyday. Sure, you pay for that little triangle, but that little triangle means there is very high quality in the bag. I also love the way the nylon bags are light and comfortable. After carrying heavy leather bags, mostly Coach, I suffered from intense neck and back pain. Now, my handbag always feels light as a feather.

  • Jan

    i agree with ninjagirl. get a regular cheap nylon bag that you compare to the prada bags and play with them for a while. look at the saturation of the black color, look at what does a rain drop do to both of them. wipe the raindrop from each of them after 10 minutes. also, fold the bags and unfold after a week. feel the textures.
    of course prada bags are overpriced. but would you expect them not to be? prada is a luxury brand, the elasticity of the demand does not follow a regular commodity. prada can raise the prices of their bags by 200% and they will still make the same profit. they will still sell very many bags. if you can t grasp what a status commodity is, then don t bother. buy a normal bag and don t be something you re not.

  • londoner

    I have two nylon Prada bags. The first one I bought in Vegas and it has served me well. The other one I bought in Paris on sale in Gallarie Lafayette. It was 40% off , I have never seen a Prada on sale but upon first use I was disappointed. The leather strap bled all over my shirt when I was running a short distance in the rain. I was told by the Prada store to bring it back and they would send it to Italy to be fixed. How can this problem be fixed?? I just haven’t used it since then.

  • Amanda

    I have a nylon prada purse that I bought on sale at Saks for about $200. Not all nylon bags are of the same quality . I have a few from Longchamps and they wear terribly . They have holes at the bottom and elsewhere , get stained and look worn very quickly . The Prada nylon looks in good condition after three years.

  • Amanda

    Leather purses are too heavy in large sizes and bad for your back and neck.

  • Tangela

    I have a Prada Nylon and Leather bag and I absolutely love them both. I am looking to purchase another Prada bag this fall. I think they have a wide selection of bags that many could afford.

  • Pri

    I live in Brazil so Prada prices are more than double than in America because of taxes. These nylon bags are waaaaaaay overpriced and they look so cheap. Diadora makes better nylon bags that you can easily buy for $30,00, very sturdy and look even more chic than the Prada ones (some have very nice patterns and Japanese designs). They look fake, replicas, no one would believe you´re actually holding a true Prada.

  • Andreahopkins5

    Worth it. I bought my black nylon prada (shown above $660) 6 years ago and it has been a staple in my wardrobe since then. It can be dressed up (b/c it is prada you can get away with carrying to a nice restaurant for dinner) or down, and you don’t feel bad getting it dirty b/c it is nylon and you wipe it clean. However, after six years, I am consigning b/c it obviously looks worn in my opinion. It’s still nylon and doesn’t last like leather.

  • I have to say that I have 3 Prada nylon bags, and they have all taken a beating but still look great…so they are very well-made.

  • Manuela

    anybody has nylon prada’s backpacks or bags from the 80’s or early 90’s? Do they have a lining inside back then??? Thank you. Manuela

  • Anna Valenti

    I just purchased my first Prada nylon backpack online only to discover that the bag is cheaply made! The material, the lining and the hardware have a cheap feel and cheap look. What a disappointment! $950.00 for what?????