Prada Fairies Bag
Prada Fairies Bag

We reported earlier on the collaboration with James Jean in the Prada Spring Handbag line, which has received quite a bit of buzz. Our favorite thus far has been the whimsical Prada Fairy Bag, which we have previously covered. The bag that many of us have been buzzing about is the Prada Fairies Bag which features a plum art print on this deerskin handbag. There are top handles and dimensions are 10 1/5″H x 14 1/5″W x 6″D. What you will not believe is that just two days ago Neiman Marcus put this bag up for pre-order, and today it is no longer available. I clicked on it and POOF!, they were all taken. Make sure to keep checking back as Neiman Marcus is known to restock. The bag will cost $2,290 via Saks Fifth Ave.

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  • Cindy Maher

    No thanks. I don’t care for the graphic.

  • Marissa

    I like it, its pretty. :smile:

  • me

    The bag is lovely, I was lucky enough to re order it on time at Neiman Marcus, i just love it! It´s a little oo much but I love it anyway!

  • me

    The bag is lovely, I was lucky enough to pre order it on time at Neiman Marcus, i just love it! It´s a little too much but I love it anyway!

    • amberdelica

      I have a question about something on the fairy bag. Does the authentic one have the gold prada logo/metal on the outside? I’ve seen pictures with it and without it even on the Prada web site and this forum. I’d appreciate any insight anyone on here may have.

  • william

    Absolutely lovely!

  • Vicky

    The purse is prettier “in person” than in the pictures. I really lucked out and got one from one of the boutiques. Some people may not like the purse–to each his own. But it litreally is like carrying a work of art on your arm…

  • MsPea

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love when got to see it in a Prada’s., but the price is way too high for me to own it. :cry: But I love this bag!! :grin:

  • SereneO

    It is gorgeous! I saw it at the Prada boutique but was hesitant to get it cos of the price and that it’s a limited edition.. (Don’t really know how ‘limited’ it really is). Was also wondering if I would still carry it 20 years from now… On 2nd thoughts..nah, I’ll rather invest in a classic.

  • Bag-JJ

    I saw it in a Prada store today. I expected the colors to be more vibrant in “person” so a lil disappointed but i have to say it is a great collectible. You purchase an art and get a Prada bag to go.Besides, it is about the same price as Vuitton Multicolor speedy 30 which is made of canvas and not so limited. I say not a must-buy but if you are getting another white Prada bag, this shud be it. My 2 cents…=)

  • Stl

    I am not too sure about this one. I mean the artwork itself is wonderful, the bag is good too. But together…somehow it makes me think of those guys with tattoos

  • Deanna Belli

    I don’t usually like the graphic print purse, but this one does appeal to me. Bag-JJ, what a great point in that you get a bag and a work of art. I think that is why it appeals to me, the artwork is very nice.

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    I love love love this bag! I just think the price is a wee bit too much.

  • Yen

    I saw the collection in Hong Kong’s Prada stores. Don’t like it at all and certainly way to expensive. For that amount, I rather get a classic Chanel.

  • Yen

    And I agree that it looks like tattoos

  • greenegirl

    That imaage looks a lot like the Fafi fairies.

  • ektasweet

    Bag is nice and cute.

  • Isaac

    This is a most magnificent bag by Prada for sure. I really love the artwork! Very feminine and sexy. I think this bag is sure to get comments where ever an the owner carries it.

    • kathy

      I ran into a lady in San Diego who had a prada bag very similar to this one. Her’s had only a geisha type girl and not as many colors. It was much bigger than this bag. When I asked where she purchased it, she replied that her friend Shelly is the artist. Her handbag was absolutely beautiful. Much nicer than this fairy one. Does anyone know where to get this geisha inspired prada?

  • Claudia

    i love mine so much, its so magical and gorgeous, its like carrying the Sistine Chapel ceiling on my arm…..was so so so lucky to get one, was just in the right place at the right time…..i will carry it when i’m 80 – the pure definition of To Die For bag…………. :smile:

    • amberdelica

      Hi, I’ve got a question because I’m confused about something on this bag. Does the authentic bag have the gold Prada hardware/label on outside of the bag because I’ve seen pictures both ways, even on the Prada web site. Just wondering. Thanks for any help!

  • Nouf

    The bag is veeery beautiful and sexy , If i have extra money and i don’t know what to do with , definetly i’ll buy the bag :smile:

  • Iwanna

    I wanna that bag!!!!! :sad:

  • joe

    does the fairy prada come with beige lining as ive seen them or is it pink lining please


    :mrgreen: …. LOVE IT!!!!!!! ITS A GREAT COMBO OF ART !

  • CoTi

    :shock:I LoVe tHat BaG!!!IwAnnA!!! :cry: HOW MANNY?? :?:

  • dyg

    bag is very beautiful but very very expensible :(( ı have want to bag but imposible :(((

  • Veronika

    I bought mine recently from a lady who was selling authentic Prada on ebay. I can’t believe how beautiful it is in person. I will definately be rockin it out this summer and gettin lots of envious looks!!! :)

  • Veronika

    to Joe: mine has a pink leather lining. I dunno if they come in beige tho….

  • Veronika

    to amberdelica: The gold hardware is on one side with the single fairy and not on the side with the two fairies. I think thats why they look different. They show both sides in the pics.

  • Talana

    OMG I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a COMPLETE fairy fanatic! I love all thimgs fairy and I HAVE to have this bag!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease Santa!

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    wow is nice sendal…huehehehehe, lucu buanget model-modelnya

  • Bunny

    Does anyone know where I can buy this bag now? I finally have the money for it, but I’m NOT looking for a replica! Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)

  • GiGi Hockenberry

    that is the cutest bag ever!!! well maybe not ever but you kno wat i am…i love it!!! where could i get it?????? or at least how much is it???

  • xinlin

    i love this handbag too

    i shop a handbag from this website few days ago

    that style is very nice in low price