In Praise of the Prada Moon Bag

It's become pretty high on my lust list...

Thanks to fashion’s cyclical nature, handbag lovers have been delighted by an influx of archival revivals in recent years. This delightful mix of past and present is led by a few brands. At the front of the pack is Prada. With a knack for honing in on its former favorites, Prada consistently nails the nostalgia trend, tugging on the heartstrings of Prada fans, both new and old. Something is enchanting about each revival, offering both a modern flair with touches of Prada’s history.

The 2000s Returns

Late last year, Prada finished off 2022 with a bang, dropping its newest revival, and enchanting fans, especially those who are Y2K-obsessed. A truly iconic shape of the 2000s, the Prada Moon Bag revisits the curved lines and trendy shape of the original but now offered in a more compact, modern silhouette.

Offering a true juxtaposition of past and present, in classic Prada form, the Moon bag was first dropped in re-nylon. A couple of months later, at the start of 2023, it was re-introduced in plush, pillowy leather and an array of candy colors.

Prada Moon Bag Black

Further expanding on the modernity of the new Moon Bag, the padded leather adds a nice innovative feel, which is tied back to the Prada of today. This simple silhouette offers a fashionable feel and a bit of Prada’s most nostalgic codes. This bag is easy to style, and seeing it worn on the street IRL is enough to give it a second look.

While I like that the nylon version feels like a true revival. The updated padded leather and the array of fun colors offered on the leather version warrant its addition to my wishlist. I’ve seen this bag worn IRL in my neighborhood, and it truly looks effortlessly cool, no matter how I’ve seen it worn.

The Prada Moon Bag is one of those rare bags I would have passed on when it first debuted, but now I can’t get it out of my head, with both the bright green and the yellow hues calling my name. Shop now via Prada for $2,950.


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10 months ago

Glad you love it but I find this bag totally hideous.

10 months ago

Ahh, the Moon Bag in that citron color is gorge (as are those citron Mary Janes)! I’m a sucker for anything vivid green (or vivid greenish). I’d love it an inch or two bigger for function but I have to admit the small size is very chic.