Keeping Up With The Kardashians recapper extraordinaire Emily is in the middle of moving today and didn’t have cable set up in time to catch KUWTK last night (and I only keep up with the Kardashians via editing Emily’s recaps), so today, instead of a recap, we’ll have an open discussion thread for you guys to get your thoughts about last night’s episode off your chest. Or, you know, your generalized Kardashian thoughts. Those are welcome too. Compliments on my awesome Kim side-eye screen grab up top are also allowed.

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  • MAC

    Sadness, Emily you are missed lol.

  • Lilly

    I must admit, I read the re-cap here first before I watch a repeat. Reading the recaps make watching the show more fun.


    kim why you look so shady tho!!!! lol the screen grab (almost) makes up for Emily’s absence….otherwise, I really don’t know where to start

  • Cat

    I need the re-cap!! :(

  • amy

    her boobs are literally right up to her neck…

  • Yerani_km

    Nobody has a comment on the Kim K vs Katie Couric feud? I personally found it refreshing for Kim to call out Katie for her general BS and two facedness (I know that’s not a word but neither was blog a few years ago) I mean there’s going to be a time when there’s is an implosion and I think it will be sooner rather than later

    • Stephanie

      wait what happened. ughh i dont like Katie’s show.

    • tlb

      Well, I would hardly call it a feud. I think Katie has more pressing things in her life than Kim’s bruised ego. I actually think Kim overreacted. Katie was answering a question posed to her and gave a simple answer. She stated that she didn’t know why they were so famous; maybe it was b/c teenagers liked them. Her answer was not mean-spirited, demeaning, or two-faced. Kim took an offense to the answer and decided to take it to twitter. If the Kardashians were secure in their “fame” they wouldn’t take offense so easily. The problem is that they believe their own hype and when anyone questions their success, they pout. This is really a case of a bruised ego, nothing more.

      People think Katie was being fake b/c she had sent Kim a congratulatory baby shower gift. The gift looked like a standard blanket/set, nothing that would break the bank and it had a typed card (it wasn’t even personalized), so it seems like it was just a kind gesture nothing more. Hello, it’s the entertainment industry, this happens all the time. The Kardashians probably also send these types of gifts to people that they are not close friends with, so Kim should shut it.

      The irony of the whole thing is that Kim had the nerve to call anyone fake. God, please be a reality check.

  • laura

    I don’t watch the show, I don’t care for the Kardashians and their fake/shallow life, except for Khloe; I stay K-updated via Emily’s recaps so I don’t really have anything to add.
    Please recap RH of Miami!!!

  • Emily Anderson

    You guys are giving me all the warm fuzzies! Recaps will be back soooooooon!!! :)