We already took you on a crazy tour of Chanel’s incredible Scotland-inspired Pre-Fall 2013 collection, but there’s one bag in the line that we wanted to call out in particular. The Chanel Sporran Flask Bag will sound familiar to those with Scottish heritage – a sporran is a small bag that’s a big part of traditional Scottish Highland dress and is generally worn with a kilt. Not all of them have a flask, though, but then again, not all of them are Chanel.

The bag, which comes in two sizes, consists of a metal flask emblazoned with Chanel’s signature interlocking Cs, which is then encased inside a leather cover with a crossbody strap. Chanel isn’t the first luxury designer to go after the lush in all of us – Louis Vuitton and Hermes both debuted their own flasks a couple of seasons ago – but it’s the first major designer that I can remember to style its flask like a real minibag. If only there were an iPhone pocket and a card slot on the back, we’d be in business for real. As it is, these are great (if pricey) collectors’ pieces. The larger one will retail for $4,775, while the smaller version will set you back $3,625. You can expect to see these items in store this summer.

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  • chris

    3K – 4K for THAT?!?!?! Some serious DRINKING problems, LOL.

  • withloveshmon.com

    now, that is pretty awesome!

  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Love these! So unique!

  • kathleen

    I am not sure how I would explain why I am galavanting around with a flask (assuming I am not at a tailgate party) let alone one that set me back 3K. It is totally cool “looking” but a flawed marketing concept, IMO.

    • nj

      the demographic for this item is not one that worries about spending 3k. “Cool looking” is what they are most concerned with. duh!

  • kevinkim

    my next purchase!

    • CUNNY


  • jennifer

    for the money, I would so much rather have a Boy bag!

    • CUNNY

      it’s meant to be an accessory– aka, like a necklace. Not to carry items. Unless you want liquor. lol

  • jenn

    omg, i need that. The small one as in the round one is $3625? Which outlet still has this instock?

  • Jerri R

    Screams “money” too loud

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