The World Mourns the Loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The fashion world pays its respects

Yesterday the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passing was announced. Her Majesty, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, died at home in Balmoral in Scotland, and upon the news, a pair of double rainbows were spotted over Buckingham Palace.

While many British fashion houses and retailers have added a Memoriam for the Queen to pay tribute, Burberry has also announced it will no longer show its Spring/Summer 2023 show which was slated to take place on September 17th, “as a mark of respect.”

The Queen was a longtime supporter of British fashion and, in 2018, was hosted at London Fashion week to launch the QEII Award for British Design. This award recognized design excellence and positive impact.

Over her long reign and years of service, Queen Elizabeth II was also known for her bright and effortless style, joy for life, and passion for supporting causes near and dear to her heart. Brands including Launer London (her preferred handbag brand), Burberry, Mulberry, Hunter, and many more have placed full home page notes with beautiful images of the Queen on their sites.

May she rest in peace.


Burberry Queen Elizabeth

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Rememberance

Launer London

Launer London Queen Elizabeth


Mulberry Rememberance


Hunter Queen Elizabeth


Selfridges Queen Elizabeth


Harrods Condolences

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Queen Elizabeth


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  1. Lucy Avatar

    Not the time. And this website is international including the UK. Leave us to mourn our Queen, you may not like the monarchy but she was our head of state. Have the good manners to respect that.

    1. NAT Avatar

      Can’t respect a monarchy that has constantly killed and pillaged countries in the name of white supremeacy.

      1. LilyB Avatar

        Ah, yes, but history shows us that almost every culture has participated in ‘expansionary policies’ at some point or another – ‘conquering territories and enslaving the people’ Its not a ‘white’ thing, its a human thing. It needs to be condemned and rejected world-wide, not just used against one culture for political advantage.

      2. Missdagane Avatar

        Well said.

  2. Samantha Avatar

    absolutely. yes, it’s sad that she passed and have thoughts and prayers for her family & friends & loved ones – sure. but she’s a human being like the rest of us here. never understood the fascination of the monarch especially amongst Americans…

  3. End the monarchy Avatar
    End the monarchy

    Agreed. Yes the death of someone’s mother/grandmother etc. is hard for them/the family, but let’s not sugarcoat the damage the British monarchy has done through colonialism, slavery and the theft of countless cultural artefacts. Colonialism which Elizabeth tried to uphold. It’s sickening how all that history is just swept under the rug

    1. LilyB Avatar

      She didn’t try to ‘uphold’ that at all. That’s just not fair. She presided over the transition from colonialism to the commonwealth, and any nation in the commonwealth is free to stay or go.

  4. Zoe Avatar

    Well done!! You will be missed!!
    Rest In Peace Queen!🌟👸 💫😇✨⭐️