I’ve worked at PurseBlog since 2009, and I’ve never had as many people ask me how to get their hands on anything as often as they ask me how to get a Mansur Gavriel bag. Today, I’m here with an answer: open up MansurGavriel.com in a tab at work and refresh it periodically. Eventually, your persistence will be rewarded with a re-stock of the brand’s perpetually sold-out bags.

The MG team reached out to us yesterday to let us know this would be happening, and although they don’t know exactly what time they’ll have everything up and running just yet, it will be today. If you haven’t managed to score a spot on a wait list or don’t want to wait six months to receive a bag you’ve already paid for, this might be the solution to your problems.

The bags stocked on the website will be the brand’s Spring 2015 collection, including the all-new “tumble” leather, which is soft and pebbled. It’s less likely to show scratches than its smooth counterparts, which will alleviate some shoppers’ fears about wear and tear. The collection also includes new colors of the brands’ canvas-and-leather bags and the Mini Mini Bucket, pictured above, which is the third entry to the popular family of bucket bags. (It is, you guessed it, a degree smaller than the current Mini Bucket.)

If we find out what time the re-stock will be launching, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep that browser tab open.

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  • justa9url

    There’s a typo in your link.

  • Dollieboop

    I am a HUGE purseblog fan but I really wish you guys hadn’t posted this. It will only be more difficult to get the “handbag unicorn” for those of us who have been patiently waiting and already knew about the restocking date.

    • Yesorno

      That just sounds… :x … geez.

      • Illogically selfish are the words you were looking for, perhaps.

      • Yesorno

        Took them right out of my mouth!

  • Lisa

    I’ve tried so hard to get myself to like this bag but just couldn’t. :(

  • Erica
    • cdawgcoop

      Those are fakes.

  • Googido

    This is such a tease! Who has time to sit around all day clicking ‘refresh’ just to buy a bag?! Why can’t they just tell us the time?! This is so frustrating!

  • Emily

    I would love to grab a bag, but the whole process behind getting one is rather obnoxious. Who has the time to sit in front of their computer all day, constantly refreshing a page? This doesn’t make me want the bag more, it makes me resent the company for not treating its customers well. There has to be a better way to do this.

  • Vbogaert

    I’ve had good luck pre-ordering a tote and a bucket bag through Steven Alan. You have to pay up front, but it was only a two month wait for each bag. I bought my bags separately, if I remember you can only pre-order one bag at a time. I lucked out with the mansur gavriel website with one bucket, not sure I want to bother this time around….

  • kindled

    boy did stuff go fast! Good thing I’m on a ban and wasn’t trying to get one.

  • ? Mom to Emma&Olivia

    It’s terrible. Very disappointed with this brand. I am moving on.

  • Vbogaert

    Missed out! I guess I’ll be happy when I get my next credit card statement.

  • Anna

    i logged in the minute the sale went live. they didn’t even have rosa, black/ballerina or black/flamma avail. such a lie because they clearly didn’t put all their inventory up. the best colors must have been pre sold or reserved.

    really foul practice by mansur gavriel.

    • hola

      Totally agree…I felt the same way!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh

    • I don’t know what they did or didn’t put up, but I do know that the brand itself doesn’t do pre-sales or reservations at all. That, I can promise you.

  • hola

    Refresh refresh refresh website ….. CRAZY! Hmmm, not do it again! Thank you …….=_=

  • Elle

    over it! I refreshed and refreshed all day…I still didn’t get one. Then I realized…I only want this bag because everyone else does so that makes me basic. And do I really want to be basic? nope.

    • Laila

      We call that rationalization=sour grapes!

  • Jen

    Ha. Decided to give it a try as I’m finally off work, but alas, all sold out.

  • The issues people experienced during checkout, with items disappearing from shopping carts, is inexcusable. They need to address those tech issues and explore other ways to manage the volume of buyers on the site, maybe a queuing system.

    That said, I find the demands for the company to simply “make more bags!!!!” to be ridiculous, and their Instagram photo comments are filled with them. You’d think they were asking for something that was easy to make, like, I don’t know, scrambled eggs.

    I do feel for the tiny MG team, as I think they are maybe way in over their heads in trying to manage this. They are learning as they go, but it seems to me that they just can’t keep up with their customers. That’s not necessarily their fault, as they are a tiny, independent operation, but they need to improve the online buying experience in time for their new re-stock, or they’ll lose even more customers. They should at least address that, as I don’t think the supply issue can be addressed in the short-term.

  • Jessica

    I got my purse through Kirna Zabete. I was put on a wait list and they contacted when they expected the shipment. I got the purse in no time!! Got the black/flamma color! I am super happy!

  • Tory

    I got my first MG Bucket bag last May and purchased my second one yesterday, for those of you wondering if they’re worth the hype…they are! Be patient, you won’t regret it.

  • 12345

    To be honest, I think it’s the hardest for people who live outside of the US or in cities that don’t have branded boutiques like Steven Alan. For example, I searched high and low when mansur first came out and couldn’t find it anywhere until I called one of my local boutique stores Curve NYC and they were accepting pre-orders. Yeah, you have to pay up front. But that doesn’t really matter because you have to pay anyways. What sucked was the 4 month wait, but I finally got it last summer!To sum it up, check the mansur website to look for vendors and see if they have stores located close to you. If you live outside of the US it’s like winning the lottery. Hope this helps!

  • Smithy

    Haha. Just posted about this brand in a previous entry. Not a fan. I could put a strap on a milk crate and have a Gavriel bag.

  • mmc

    I just received a MG mini mini black/ballet bucket bag–SO SO DISAPPOINTED IN QUALITY. Maybe larger bags are not so shabby.? Interior says Made in Italy but would love to take a look at the materials, factory. Not at all worth it FYI. Better to invest in higher quality or Annabell Ingall at comparable price point, et al. Trend should end . . .

  • Moby

    Its the same this time. Start purchasing at 8am pat and at 8:01 am sold out most of the bucket bags

  • Kmk

    Its the same this time. Start purchasing at 8am pat and at 8:01 am sold out most of the bucket bags. I think if the team is so small maybe expansion of their collection is just not the smartest idea.

    I start to think the stock was never full ready for relaunch, and this is just a marketing stradegy for more publicity.

    Their website is still unstable, this time around at 8am pst start my team and i we went in sae the page in stock and at 8:01am said non in stock. We all tried different bags at the same time just to test out the inventory.

    I think as an online base company they should really come up with a better plan for their launching. To be honest an actual waitlist is better then going through this displeasing experience.

  • waseema

    Hi, how many times a year does stock come in?