We have some very exciting new to share on this Friday afternoon! Start at the beginning of next month, you’ll now be able to put your American Express away and use your Visa or MasterCard in Neiman Marcus retail store. If you, like me, have ever felt the slight burn of shame when it comes time to pay for a purchase and you realize that you don’t have your AmEx on you that day, this will surely be good news.

has long accepted a variety of credit cards, as have Last Call outlet locations, but brick-and-mortar main line stores had resisted coming on board until now. To me, this feels like a long time coming. In a rough economy, why turn down potential sales? Remember: If you need some help being patient until you can shop in stores, NeimanMarcus.com is always open.

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  • lintmag

    I worked at NM and this was always annoying and bizarre. No credit cards but their own and AmEx, unless you were from Japan and had a Japanese MC or Visa! Those they would take – and checks from anyone were ok! Very odd.

  • Bagolicious

    I never thought of what they took as I have had AmExp for more than thirty years and have shopped Neimans for around the same number of years.

  • rose60610

    It’s about time. As if this economy isn’t hard enough on retail outlets, it’s nice they finally woke up. NM prided itself on catering to the elite of the elite, now they find it necessary to facilitate transactions to us mere mortals. I feel so honored.

    • Amanda

      Lol. Yes, poor NM. We should feel privileged that we may now make transactions with our measly Visas and MasterCards!

  • Gatsby

    The NM in Bellevue, WA took a Visa/Debit a few weeks ago. I was surprised.

  • A

    Finally! I have refused to get more than one credit card, and have found it frustrating that I couldn’t shop in an NM store. Frankly, the NM in my city is so empty customer-wise, that they should take what they can get.

  • Amanda

    So Visa and MC are good enough now. Sad story, after years of dreaming over the Christmas Fantasy catalog, I finally got to go to NM in Chicago. It was about 8 years ago, I was so excited to be there, I even had a Luella Bartley bag on hold. When I pulled out my Visa debit card, the sales woman rolled her eyes, and said “we don’t take Visa!”, in a very ;oud condesending tone, obviously Visa wasn’t good enough. I had ordered from NM.com before (Visa is accepted), so you could imagine my surprise they didn’t take Visa. I had no idea, I was mortified. To be treated so poorly at a store I had dreamed of going to since I was a little girl. Needless to say, I did not buy the Luella bag (even though my friend offered to put it on her AmEx, I didn’t even want to give them my business), I ended up going to Coach and bought three bags.

    • Pursecrzy

      I had a similar experience. I couldn’t comprehend a store that wouldn’t accept Visa, left my items on the counter and walked away.

  • Pixiejenna

    I though they already did. I used my visa at the LV location.

  • Babs

    Finally! :)

  • Mirna

    I use to work there and the reasons they never took those cards was because they said visa/MasterCard gave out personal info to different companies and that was a way to keep you from being hassled my people pulling us up and sending us things. I’m happy about this though!

  • kats

    how odd….i live in las vegas and NM always took visa/mc for as long as i can remember. i wonder if this was just an exception…..

    • A

      The SA at my local NM said that Las Vegas always accepted them because they get SO many tourists , but that almost no other NM does.

  • Bir

    I like the protection Amex gives and so understood neimans reasons but hey the more the merrier

  • susan

    I was gonna say that about Vegas as well. I bought a LV or 2 there when I lived there and they took mine.

  • Miah

    OMG, I never knew this because I ALWAYS use my AMEX, but that’s insane! I never knew that!

  • Rashida

    Wow… I never bought anything at Neiman Marcus… only Saks. The only Amex i’l ever have is the prepaid one they came out with… lol

  • Kema

    Guess I won’t be shopping there. I only have discover and I only do big purchases on my credit card. I have been to Saks and I think I used my discover… Yeah I did because they had to credit my account and I checked daily to make sure.

    I really wish someone would talk to me like that my foot would be stuck in someone’s ass lol J/K

  • Kate

    This is great. I am sure they have lost many sales in the past because of this. I know my daughter in college, who only has a debit card, was never able to buy her makeup or whatever at NM because she did not have the exclusive cards. Now I hope Saks follows suit. I personally buy online at NM and Saks and always used my Visa card, even though I have both store cards.

    • Rebecca

      Just curious, what do you mean by “I hope Saks follows suit”? Saks takes just about all major credit cards and of course, their store card. You can purchase something on your debit card both in store and online. I always have.

  • erica

    That’s just dumb that they never took it before, payment is payment!
    sounds elitist to me

  • Mili

    Wow. I never knew and why would stores do that? I only shopped online from them anyway.

  • Debbie Baker

    I agree with everyone who is saying that it is about time that the old Dallas Dinosaur finally had to give up their snooty ways and accept dirty old plastic like Visa and MasterCard. Boo hoo. It is definitely a sign of the times. As to the drivel about AmEx protecting it’s clients by not giving out information–maybe. I am more inclined to think it was one more way to weed out the riff-raff who might aimlessly wander through the store and oopsey daisy want to buy some makeup.