About two weeks ago, we reported that eBay had lost a counterfeit case with Hermes. In that instance, eBay got away with being fined a mere 20,000 Euros. As a few of our readers pointed out to us today, eBay got a hefty slap on the wrist this time.

PARIS “” A French court on Monday ordered the online auction giant eBay to pay 38.6 million euros, or $61 million, in damages to the French luxury goods company LVMH, in the latest round in a long-running legal battle over the sale of counterfeit goods on the Internet.

LVMH, a maker of high-end leather goods, perfumes and other fashion and luxury products, successfully challenged eBay for a second time in the French court, arguing that 90 percent of the Louis Vuitton bags and Dior perfumes sold on eBay are fakes.

The court ruled that eBay, which earns a commission on the sales, was not doing enough to stamp out counterfeit sales.

via New York Times

We can only hope that this ruling will aid in removing some of the fake junk off eBay. It is the buyer that would benefit most of it.

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