Just after midnight on October 13th, the first Chilean miner, Florencio Avalos, stepped out of the rescue capsule and onto land after 68 days of being trapped 2000 feet underground. For the next 23 hours the world watched the 33 miners be rescued one-by-one, in a seemingly impossible scenario that captivated the world bringing all together in hope, joy, and inspiration.

As much as we love designer handbags, there are some events that happen in this world that put everything in perspective. And the 33 Chilean Miners being rescued, along with their positive outlooks and unwavering determination, has been invigorating and uplifting for the entire world. So right now, we want to take a moment to chant: CHI CHI CHI! LE LE LE!

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  • Lorie

    It has been such a beautiful thing to see each one rescued and reunited with family and friends. Finally, some good news for a change! I hope and pray that each one is able to readjust to his life and that the only lasting effects are positive ones. God bless them and each person who contributed to their safe rescue!

  • eorchid

    I agree! Such an amazing effort that went so well! I got all teary eyed as I watched one reunited with his wife.

  • PhotoGirl

    Well said.
    I could not turn away from CNN. Never mind the housewives, THAT was “reality TV.”
    Perhaps we all needed to witness their ordeal in order to put our own lives into perspective. I am so grateful that they, and their rescuers, have all returned safely. The human spirit is indomitable, I think. It’s nice to be reminded of that every now and again.

  • Angeles

    Love it!!!! I’m Chilean and this post it’s amazing…..I will put it in my facebook page and also in my blog…in every part….you are super cool……Thank you!
    Yesterday was an amazing day …….so proud to be Chilean and being in this country too…..
    Kisses lovely Lady!


  • Valentina

    Been visiting the Purse Blog for so long. I’m Chilean and living in Chile… and I loved this! Kisses & greets to all PB.

  • kemilia

    Yay that they were rescued! Like it was said earlier–finally some Good News on this old planet Earth.

    We can do a lot if we pull together and really try hard (ok, and put down our handbags for a sec). I don’t know how much the miners knew about the whole world watching this drama but I am sure a heck of a lot of good wishes and prayers were sent their way.

  • Paulina

    Ohhh what an emotion to see this!!! I’m also Chilean and it’s so nice to see all the support that our country has received from all over the world!!!! Very nice touch guys =)

  • Connie

    it’s was exciting to hear that all of the trapped miners had been requested and returned safe, and sound to their families. What AWESOME MIRACLE that was??? Oh! and the purses aren’t half bad either! lol

  • Frances

    What you did with the flag is fantastic. Agree with the comments above and so happy that we have Chilean readers!

  • Hect

    Bien por chile love the fact that they have done all they can and that these men are now home I respect this country even more now love to chile and to the purse blog for recognizing these efforts !!!!!!!

  • Merve

    So fabulous that there was no loss of life and it just goes to show how people can unite for the greater good when you want to. Puts things in perspective. Big shout out to Manuel Gonzalez…what a brave smart man u are!

  • Staci

    Watching the rescue was the happy ending many of us prayed for. Love the choice of bags!

  • Loquita

    Viva Chile! At this moment I am so proud to be one-quarter Chilean and 100% South American! More importantly, I am thrilled for the miners and their families. Their unity, faith, positive attitude and support of one another are a priceless lesson for us all. It has been lovely to see a positive image of Latin America broadcast throughout the world – thank you for this post, Megs.

  • Demi

    Great post! This miraculous rescue makes us all reconsider our priorities and our shallow obsession about fashion. It makes the whole world think once more about what’s really important in life and that is, in my opinion, life itself.
    I hope that all the miners return happily to their lives.

  • Janice

    It is wonderful to see the cooperation of countries, people, and resources – what did they say the cost of the rescue was $40+ million dollars. No one can put a price on someone’s life. It seems that the miners are retiring now and getting deals like tv commercials, probably a few book deals and maybe even a movie. That is wonderful! They have endured enough and now they don’t have to go down into those horrible mines any more. Happy to be reunited with their families too.

    We have been chanting the Chilean Chi chi chi le le le !!!!!all week

  • helen

    The whole world was watching them. I’m glad it turned out marvelous and miraculous. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Loooove that red! (ipad)