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  • Lina Lee

    The fist pic. That large bag. I saw it in Dubai. It was in Dubai mall. :D ;)

    • So cool! I really want to go to the Dubai mall!

      • Lina Lee

        Is the best mall of Dubai.

  • missarewa

    Nice bags all around. I particularly love the yellow Miu Miu bag and the red fringe DVF tote!

  • Stina Sias

    I love that you included some Rebecca Minkoff!

  • Suzanne

    totally lame. thought you guys were going to post people’s pictures. not giant companies. btw does that chanel meat packaging bag come out of the packaging?? does it have a chain?

  • pixiegirlie

    What a disappointment, half of the pictures were either from stores or the bags brand. I was expecting to see actual user pics not advertisements.

    • pursepixie

      At the end of day, it’s all about the money & business!

      • marygilmer

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    • We have a part 2 coming! This post has many big brands, companies, celebs, and bloggers – part 2 will have many other photos that were shared!

      • pixiegirlie

        Thanks for the response Meg i look forward to part 2!

      • Of course! We had so many submissions and it’s great to see big brands and people participating, but we want to share our fans and true handbag lovers submissions as well :)

      • AustinBlythefca

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      • Jerri R

        I love how you mixed the price ranges and showed lower end bags that are stylish!

  • The Rebecca Minkoff bag in Slide 26 is a shameless knockoff of the Chanel Boy! I didn’t really mind when RM knocked off the classic flap since Chanel can’t really lay claim to diamond-quilted bags. But in this case, it’s just inexcusable copying!

    • Jerri R

      That’s not all. I saw that Minkoff bag in person and its quality was really cheap, as if sold in Walmart.

  • jenny

    does anybody actually buy paris hilton brand bags? they look so tacky and gross.

    • Jerri R

      I was thinking that Paris Hilton herself would never be caught dead carrying one of those atrocities :)

  • FashionableLena

    Love that Portero board meeting.


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  • Jerri R

    The Hindmarch collection is to die for!