nancy gonzalez crocodile hobo
Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Hobo

If you’ve never seen and held a Nancy Gonzalez bag in person, I have a homework assignment for you this weekend: go to the mall and spend some time with Ms. Gonzalez’s bags. They’re exceptionally pricey, no doubt about it, but hear me out on this one, mmkay?

Almost every bag she puts her name on is made of crocodile, at least partially justifying the steep price. There are no filler materials, and the exceptional skins take center stage with very limited visible hardware and few outward accouterment. It’s almost as if she’s saying, “Hey you guys, look how much croc I’m giving you for the money!” If there’s any sort of rhyme or reason to my bag selections, it’s probably that I want a gorgeous piece of leather, a great shape and not a whole lot of extras, and Ms. Gonzalez seems to be right with me.

Take, for example, the grey Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Hobo (I disagree that this bag is a true hobo – it has two straps, and as a connoisseur of hobos, I think that the word implies one strap!): there are no outside pockets and no hardware to be found. The straps are actually attached inside the top opening, giving just enough visual interest to handbag aficionados that are used to seeing outwardly affixed handles.

It’s also nice to see a leather that is almost always used in super-structured, rigid bags be gathered into something slightly more soft and casual – it’s an exotic that can easily be worn with jeans.

Plus, it’s grey. And we all know how Amanda feels about grey, now don’t we? Buy through Saks for $3,150.

* Amanda must have been reading my mind, because this is a Nancy Gonzalez bag that I previously coveted and is now sold out. Check back in to see if it is re-stocked or for other Nancy Gonzalez goodies!*

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