The New Year is here! Most people are jumping for joy that 2008 is over, as it was quite a tumultuous year for many. 2008 was good to Vlad and I and was good to Purse Blog. So while we look forward to 2009 we still loved 2008! This year is a big year for us. In February (right around the corner!!!) we have our wedding celebration. I attempted to think that it would not take me hours each day of planning, thinking, calling, and preparing, but wedding planning is a full-time job. And the cost of a wedding, well, you all know that it is not cheap. This year is about saving. Vlad and I would like to buy our first home so my bag purchases for 2009 will be focusing on handbags that will be seasonless and timeless. A specific bag that will fit into this category is a classic tote.

If you are looking to splurge for a classic tote, go into the realm of exotics. One of our favorite exotic handbag designers is Nancy Gonzalez. The Nancy Gonzalez Extra Large Crocodile Tote is plenty large for daily use and the black crocodile skin is a timeless option. The leaf tassle accent offers a special touch, which can make the bag stand out among other totes. There are double top handles and a hidden magnetic closure. This handbag should fit comfortably over your shoulder and not be too heavy as far as the bag itself goes. The inside has compartments to aid in practicality and usability along with lush suede lining. Dimensions are 15″W X 13″H X 4½”D. This would be an investment piece if you were looking to add one tote to your collection that could be used day in, day out and for many years to come. Buy through Saks for $3,380.

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  • Cindy

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and your first home purchase. My advice, watch Property Virgins on HGTV for some tips.

  • Beth

    Lovely bag, but with a wedding on the horizon, are you really going to plunk down $3380 for a tote, Megs?

  • Beth, I am not actually buying much of anything this year!!! Saving up for a house in about a year. My parents are paying for our wedding though :)

  • patois

    I have this bag in brown. I love it, but it is pretty under the radar so only real handbag afficionados seem recognize it. It is very sturdy, too.

  • Lisa

    I have the stupid question of the day… my twenty-something niece made mention of yearning for a Fendi clutch for a big wedding weekend in March. I have no idea which clutch and thought I’d ask the expert which one might be the ‘it’ clutch.

    BTW, have a fabulous time planning for your wedding!

  • BagDiet

    Megs and Everyone–

    I need some help deciding between a silver metallic Chanel 2.55 and a ring lizard (gray) Nancy Gonzalez flap shoulder bag. I can buy only one so I’d like to know which one is a better investment. THANKS!

  • mette

    MEGS ! I finally have the chance to buy the Alligator bag we both love. Do you know how it is possible to order it to Scandinavia? So reaching for your quick replay !!!!!!

  • rups

    hi ladies,
    i have a question,
    i found a nancy gonzalez bag, real beautiful shape.
    the price is 2/3 off the original.
    from a large store. one left, only in green.
    i love the bag, ofcourse the price but the color?
    what do you think. i feel that i can not use it much because of the color.
    please let me know soon.

  • Mary

    Hi there.
    What I have always thinking on green colour is that it is a classical yet classy and rare colour in clothing, shoes and bags. It is my choice and as for leather goods it’s so wonderfull because we’re talking of a colour that exists in nature, thus green leather goods seem lovely in green.
    I have two green bags since 15 years, still attiring attention. Thye same for my green coat which I stopped wearing because of his out of fashion shape. And the colour matches with every other colour, no to mention that it makes contrast with total black, total white, total whatever.
    Of course it depends on the shade of green. Although most leather bags and shoes are wonderful in green, light or neon shades are out of the question.
    If it is in the right shade (from the darkest to the emeraud shade would be perfect, the brussel sprouts green is also considerable depending on the shape), I’d go for it with no doubt!

  • Kendra

    Stunning as always. (fb)