Mulberry Polly Push Tote, $1400 via Net-a-Porter. Mulberry Polly Push Satchel, $1300 via Net-a-Porter.

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret that you’ve probably already figured out about me, if you’re a regular reader: I was never a prep. Sure, I dabbled in it in middle school when we all went through the phase where we tried our damnedest to look like everyone else, but by age 13 I was putting ill-advised burgundy streaks in my hair and listening to punk. If you know me, you know that I never really grew out of the “putting ill-advised things in my hair” phase.

But because trends are endlessly shifting and the lines between “looks” are getting blurrier by the day, I no longer feel the kind of automatic resistance to preppy, classic designs like the Mulberry Polly Push Bags that I likely would have felt a few years ago. As long as I could get one that’s not brown, that is. A distaste for brown is another thing that I’ve yet to outgrow.

But if brown and tan are your preferred neutrals (I have nothing against them, they just don’t look quite right on me), then you’d be hard-pressed to find a bag that looks as heritage-rich as the Polly Push tote and satchel. Mulberry has been leaning more heavily on its British roots for the past few seasons, and to much success – the traditional look with a quirky touch here and there is very relevant to what’s going on in fashion at the moment, and bags like these will look current for years to come because of the design’s root in classic leatherwork. Buy the tote via Net-a-Porter for $1400 or the satchel for $1300, also via Net-a-Porter.

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  • Lulugurl

    I am not really “preppy” but I would love to rock the satchel! It would bring clean lines to any outfit!

  • mochababe73

    I don’t like the top handle or the way that it’s open on the sides. But, I am not a real fan of Mulberry.

  • ousuisje

    I’ve never seen a mulberry bag in person, I’ve been eying the alexa for quite while and probably would have gotten it if they had it in a reddish hue. The satchel’s pretty cute tho…but in something else than neutral perhaps?

  • ousuisje

    Are mulberry bags heavy? Heavier than a balenciaga?

  • MizzJ

    I was going to say I like the direction Mulberry’s going with this bag, but would prefer it with a cross-body strap and lo and behold, it looks like there may be one! With the strap, it gets that cool, vintage downtown prep chic look and makes it wearable with more casual items, whereas holding it in your arm is utterly preppy and nothing else.

  • Kathy

    LOL, I was preppy when preppy was cool. And those bags would have been perfect!

  • yhs668

    the price is very high , but i like it too

    i had brought this handbag from a website , that is very nice and low price

  • GleeMaster

    The Mulberry Polly Push Satchel looks amazing!

  • 19yearslater

    I like the satchel. Mulberry is doing a nice job of keeping their satchel-style fresh.

  • Summer

    Kate Middleton was spotted carrying this bag in midnight grain at her Canadian visit.. I’m pretty sure that will catapult the bag to IT bag status. It just reminds me of the modern day ‘Miss Dior’ when Middleton carries it, without the hefty price tag.

  • Kimberly

    I would love love to have one of the polly handbags. I would just die and show it off. If anyone has one for sale plz contact me. Kimberly Wilson. QUEENAKITA@COMCAST.NET.  Thank you.