Mulberry Creased Jenah Bag in TurquoiseI am, more or less, on board with the Mulberry Creased Jenah Bag. It’s on-trend in several ways – it has a chain strap, it’s a flap bag, and it’s smaller than the bags that we’ve seen in the past few seasons. It’d be a great addition to a spring wardrobe to satisfy a lot of the new bag looks in one package, theoretically. But the one thing that’s stopping me is…the color. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, because I can see where people would think it was pretty, but I just can’t do it. Pastels (and this is basically a pastel) are not good on me. I have yellow undertones in my skin, and it’s just not a particularly lovely contrast. Also, for some reason, wearing any kind of pastel makes me feel like an enormous, 5-and-a-half-foot-tall toddler. I’m willing to admit that this is probably a hangup that only I have, but until I see it in another color (a medium-to-mustard yellow would be nice, if you’re listening, Mulberry), I’ll have to pass. Buy through Shop Bop for $1195.

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  • Alex

    Way too pricey for the look, in my opinion. Love Mulberry, but they missed the mark on this one.

  • tony

    not sure about the color~

  • lipvixen

    My sentiment exactly Amanda! I also have yellow undertoned skin and these pastels make me look sallow. I can only carry around the palest of blush pink and periwinkle blue in the pastel arena. Everything else makes me look sickly.

    Would have loved this in periwinkle… sigh…

  • me

    Hmm, now that you mention it I’m realizing that I’m slowly picking out spring pieces based on red and dark purple- not really spring colours in the traditional way.

  • Aria

    From what I see on the Mulberry web site shop, there are definitely many more colors available. I’m particularly fond of the white.

  • MizzJ

    Totally agree with you on this one, this color is so ugly. What it really reminds me of is my grandmother – she loves this color! Other than the color though, I’m not really loving this design, maybe it’s a bit too many trends all at once?

  • Merve

    ew Mulberry stick to what u know.

  • Joanna L. Perez

    Like it – love the color – have one similar to this one we bought in Italy on our honeymoon. I just found my dream purse on J&T Italia…love their collection & would love to see some of their purses reviewed. Could not find it in a search…
    L-o-v-e them all – want one in every color..
    Thank you for this amazing purse-cyclopedia! Peace Out!

  • Marion

    I love the color! it’s so alive! :D It’s a nice transition bag too! I want I want!!!

  • holly

    I love the color, and I don’t mind the shape either. very cute

  • Nadia

    My thoughts exactly! That colour is disgusting!!