Via, we get a first look at the Mulberry Fall 2011 ad campaign, shot by Tim Walker and starring Julia Saner. I always find ad campaigns fascinating because they give us a more artistic look into how a designer views a collection than a moving runway show sometimes allows, and these photos are an excellent example of that insight.

With oversized animals and giant cracked eggs and tree branches everywhere, the visual impact of the campaign might be best described as a British Heritage acid trip. Oddly, that might also be the perfect way to describe the Mulberry aesthetic; the brand specializes in taking what’s expected of a London leather goods label and twisting it until it appeals to a younger, edgier audience. Check out the entire campaign after the jump.

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  • Lulugurl

    i liked the ads until i saw the poor little (stuffed?) foxes…..unsure how i feel about that..otherwise really neat…

    • chloehandbags

      If they were killed specifically to stuff and killed and stuffed recently, I would definitely agree with you.

      If, however, they were killed and stuffed years, or preferably decades or centuries ago, I’m more-or-less OK with it.

  • Lorie

    I agree about the stuffed foxes. Don’t like that at all. But the rest is so crazy that I love it. Definitely different than anyone else is putting out there.

    • Lorie

      And I’d take any of those bags. Love them!

      • Lorie

        Sorry for posting so many times. Last one, I swear.

        Some of the foxes are real live animals. They have a film on their website that shows it.

  • Alyssa

    I dig it!

  • rose60610

    The ads are kooky hilarious and actually similar to other ads I’ve seen over the years for other brands. Funny thing is, as eccentric an image as this advertiser is trying to pull off, the bags still look on the plain side. The models remind me of little schoolgirls playing dress-up with mummy’s old bags in a whacked out attic.

    • Ashleyg

      totally agree…

  • PhotoGirl

    I like it. Very Magritte, I think. “This is not a handbag ad.”

  • Ousuije

    Love it!!!

  • mochababe73

    I prefer ads that show off the product that they are trying to sell. The bags kind of get lost in this psychedelic mess.

  • 19yearslater

    This is great. Picture 5 is my favorite but I like the bags in picture 7 best

  • chloehandbags

    Really like the campaign! :)

    The bags, however, I’m less enamoured of.

    Mulberry never really seems to quite hit the mark, bag-wise, with me; although, I know it does with a lot of people.

    I think it may be a generational thing? A lot of people who are either older, or younger, than me seem to love it.

  • Queenie

    Blah blah blah, do you really think that Mulbery had foxes killed just for this add campaign?!!!! Really ladies wake up!!! As for the moving fox have you not heard of CGI?