I spend so much of my time looking at, contemplating and judging handbags, that’s it’s rare that I give a bag a second look once I’ve decided that it’s not for me. I know my own taste, I know how much I’m willing to pay and for what, and I know what I’ll use enough to get my money’s worth.

Miu Miu’s Bow Bag is the exception. When I first saw it while surfing around the forum, I didn’t really pay attention – I like Miu Miu’s bags, but I’m not an enormous fan, and I’ve never owned one. At first, the Bow Bag seemed kind of plain, and I don’t use satchels often. But then, forum member Vinyl asked me to update a thread she had made dedicated to the particular Miu Miu, and because I had to look at all of the pictures of Bow Bags that she had collected for the thread, I was forced to reconsider it.

And my, my. Was I surprised at what I saw! Suddenly, the chic simplicity of the bags has won me over, and I’ve been Internet stalking them ever since. They’re relatively rare on the net, and seem to sell out before they ever come close to the sale section. The ones that Saks is currently carrying are in a shiny leather, but previous seasons have featured matte, smooth, soft-looking finishes, so there’s a lot of different Bow Bags floating around out there for your viewing (or, if you’re like me, stalking) pleasure.

Available through Saks for $1,195.00.

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  • claire

    I like how it’s kind of an ‘all business’ bag, but then has a feminine touch with the bow, very pretty!

  • Graciella

    I’ve always loved the look of this bag, but there have been many quality issues recently. Wouldn’t part with my hard earned cash for it :???:

  • Angela

    this bag came out like two years ago and this past spring neiman had it in white (GORGEOUS!) for only like 700. i had one when it first came out because i fell in love and it’s incredibly roomy. i could easily fit my 12.1″ laptop in case and other stuff in there. unfortunately it can NOT handle an anatomy book and mine died :-(

    • hawaii2484

      i know! my anatomy book is enormous!!!! it’s over a square foot in size; impossible to carry. i gave up finding a chic bag to fit it a long time ago. if i’m attacked, i’ll use it as a shield.

  • Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love all the details and the mix of serious and fun with the bow on the side.
    Graphite is a gorgeous color.
    Amazing find.

  • Charm City

    Love at first sight. I want it.

  • Lyns

    it’s cute and I really like the hardware, looks like a good bag to travel with too.

  • Franca

    Nice shape and I like that graphite color !!! :razz:

  • Merve

    I really like it too. The shape and colour give it a really feminine/business chic touch however ive never owned a Miu Miu and for $1195 im not about to start now.

  • Ellez

    I really like this bag. The bow gives it the cutest touch!! This makes me want to get a great job so one day I may actually be able to buy a Miu Miu or something else. Until then I live vicariously through Megs and The Purse Blog.

    • And Amanda! Don’t forget Amanda!

      • lipvixen

        Yes I will live vicariously through Amanda :mrgreen: Megs and the Purse Blog!

  • Jahpson

    that is really gorgeous! I think i want one

  • Houda

    Absolutely Love it! It’s Gorgeous and Classy.

  • buckyboy

    I have this in black leather. The graphite shown here looks cool!

  • Vesna

    I LOVE this bag. I have dark brown in suede, it is so soft, sophisticated with gold hardware, sporty, for work, evening, it is made so that suede changes from harder shinier texture on the handles and bottom gradually to soft suede…it’s one of my favorite bags

  • sarah

    I can’t find it in the saks website! nooooo… :sad:

  • Line Grønvall

    Does anybody know where I can buy this bag online and have it shipped to Denmark? I just gotta have it!!!!

  • Jess

    does anyone know where i can get this bag in stores?! they don’t have it at saks, or atleast online.

  • Mandy

    The bag is available in Selfridges Manchester and Selfridges London. I have just bought it for my daughter as a gift for her 21st birthday in the graphite colour. You would need to contact them to see if they could ship it out to you, if you are not in the U.K.

  • ikim23

    Amanda! if you only knew what some of us TPFers do for the Miu Miu Bows! haha i know many other bags have almost cult-like followings and this bag is no exception! this bag is truly special to those who own it and we encourage, praise and drool over each others’ (as well as our own) bows! you should swing by the few threads dedicated to the bows and see how much we love our bows!! thanks so much for featuring this gorgeous bag that is near and dear to my heart!

  • ikim23

    THEY HAVE IT ON THE SAKS WEBSITE LADIES! DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!! look up “Miu Miu Bow” in the search bar and it should come up as “Miu Miu Bow Convertible Satchel” in black and graphite! =D

  • Karen

    I recently got this bag when i went to italy…and i absolutely love it…i got it in a deep purple….i had my mind set on another Miu Miu when i went to get it, however as soon as i saw this bag, i fell in love. The color i got isnt available on the Neiman Marcus site yet, however, I think if you’re looking for a color that is a little different than the standard, then it’ll definitely be worth waiting for..

  • Ling

    This bag is gorgeous. But I somehow find it only appear so beautifully in light colors to complement the bows and so to add more touch to its femininity.

  • nicole

    i recently bought mine last December 2008 in Hongkong. I so love the shape, style and color purple!!! the strap can be used 2 ways – shoulder or as body bag or simply as a hand bag! Its light weight too!

  • Kathey

    I love this color! Nice Fall, Winter, and Spring bag! I really like it and when I get the money I would love to purchase it. I like the playful bow on the corner and it appeals to that strong woman who has masculine features but loves to be chic and girly at times. It can hold alot it seems and seems like a very good investment.

    I cant wait.

    have a good day! :D

  • Pam

    Recently Emma Watson from Harry Potter was seen carrying this bag in black outside a London Restaurant.

    I think this bag is absolutely adorable.

  • sheys

    I’ve finally gotten mine in the classic black. And it is so amazingly versatile!

  • hazel

    Very cute, I like that it is a bit girly, but still totally take-to-workable. It also has just the right amount of slouch

  • Melody

    This beautiful Miu Miu bow satchel (I got it in Nube) was my first 1000 dollar handbag and I have to say she is worth EVERY PENNY. I get so many compliments on her. I didn’t really have a hard time getting one since I just called the NY boutique to have them ship it to me. I love how the bag is so roomy and best of all i adore the cute little bows on the side <3

    • Liv

      I want to get this bag but cant find any place that sells it. Can you help?What boutique did you call? Thanks

  • Julia

    I want to get this bag now. Does anybody know where I can buy this bag online or what store still have it? I found it on styledrops.com in light brown. Is this site sell real bags?

    Thank you.

  • irene

    Can someone tell me the specific size (width, height, dimension) of this bag? I’m already planning to buy the alluminio grey color. I found it in some forums that the small is like speedy30 and the medium is W14″ H12.5″ is this correct?

  • moonfish

    It is so nice ,and I also have found such bag on a website.The price is reasonable.Now I share with everyone,the website is


  • Alexis

    I paid almost no attention to this bag when I first saw it on the Internet. To my surprise, it grew on me. I eventually fell in love. Now I own one black with gold hardware.

  • monicachiu

    I totally felt the same way. It didnt catch my eye in the first sight. I thought it was plain, sample and ordinary. But then, when I saw it in light blue on my girl friend. OH MY~she carried it with hand and the strape just beautifully hanging as a loop that gives the bag a very chic look. The color and leather also look very soft and brautiful. And now i’m shooting for my own bow bag….;P

  • Apple

    Is this site sell real bags?

  • Livia

    I just purchased this beauty (in black leather).

    Once you see this bag in person it’s easy to fall in love with it. This timeless bag has a great shape, it’s generous in size (but not a giant bag) and the colors are lovely and it’s hard to choose one. :)
    If you care for a great shopping experience- Miu Miu 57th Street NY is the way to go. The service was impeccable. Alexandra is a wonderful sale associate and went above and beyond to help me.

  • sksy

    i think the graphite colour did it for me for this bag!

  • ShanLee

    I always have a thing for good leather bags. I got one of these last month in Light Blue Colour. I bought it right on the spot in a store. The graphic colour shown here is so gorgeous and such a perfect dark colour. I am not a big fan of Black colour, if I have to use Black colour, I would go for either dark brown or dark blue. The BOWs just add another personality of ‘chic&fun” which make the carrier looks interesting. As the leather is too “raw” (tend to develop stretchmarks over time naturally), we need to keep on applying leather protector lotion to keep it in good condition and last long. I heart MIUMIU.

  • ShanLee

    Are the websites that claim to sell authentic designer handbags trustworthy and reliable? I never got any bags online as I am worrying about being ripped off.

  • shena

    HI there.. which country buying miu miu bow bag are more cheap? what is the price? TQ