Do you like leather applique? Bright colors? Cutout straps? Then step right up, because Miu Miu’s carnival game of a Spring 2011 handbag collection is a little bit daffy, but maybe also a little bit inspired. Miuccia, after all, does not make missteps.

Perhaps most important, I can easily imagine the Miu Miu girl wearing these designs. They’re irreverent, girlish and perhaps a little bit ironic, but they also have a very, very clear point of view and will stand out in a crowd. The appliques range from feminine to rock-influenced, so if you’re under the age of 30, enjoy bright colors and have some extra income, you might find a great, if slightly odd, addition to your wardrobe in this collection. If you don’t fit that slim category, I’m not sure you’ll find anything relevant in these bags.

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  • Staci

    I don’t fit into that slim category but I really love the bags with the applique! Miu Miu always stands out!

  • edoardo

    I love Miu Miu colelctions and also this collection is amazing, for me…But i Think that these bags have an appearance too much “cheap” and less chic than the classic Miu Miu bags!!

  • mochababe73

    These bags are boiling, hot messes. They look like cheap handbags sold in vinyl instead of leather. There’s not one single bag that I would remotely want to carry. If someone gave it to me, I would hawk it on eBay or craigslist.

  • otter

    Yuk. It’s the 80’s.

  • Stacy

    I can’t help it. When I look at these bags I hearken back to my grandmother and the bags she carried in the mid to late 70’s…looks just like some of the Miu Miu’s above. Specifically #’s 1, 6 & 12 – minus the artfully done straps. Just not my cup of tea.

  • Stylista

    The highlighter yellow bag is surprisingly nice. I also like the straps; not a lot of people decide to do something fancy with the straps in this way.

  • Mika

    looks like from Walmart . whats up with designers these days.

  • Ping

    My 9 year old daughter love these bags. Miu miu always try to be “young” but their prices have gone way up, some even into the Prada level. I would not pay a premium for any of of these bags. While I appreciate “color” in bags, these look cheap and chintzy.

  • laura

    I despise applique. Shabby, plastic-looking retro chic does little for me.

    #8 has a very punky spirit though.

  • MizzJ

    Agreed, it would be a very slim niche that would appreciate these bags, but I think if you have an artistic, daring sense of style, you could pull it off. The cream colored ones are sedate enough that I could imagine myself wearing one – it would definitely spice up even the most boring of outfits!

  • Nick

    What about number six, Amanda? That’s totally chic!

  • woofer


  • berta

    not really lovin’ it. maybe next season, hopefully a better look.

  • logomad

    How disappointing. Had been hoping to get my first miu miu come spring

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    The cutouts are amazing! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    i desperately need a shrink gun!
    somebody, please tell me where to get the ones like in “despicable me” so i can shrink all my stuffs with the kithen sink, into this miumiu!
    hehehe (ipad)

  • helen

    I will always like pink. (ipad(

  • helen

    The pink actually looks the nicest because of its simplicity. (ipad)

  • belle

    I know I shouldn’t, but I love these bags. All of them, especially the neon green and yellow ones. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Loving some of these! (ipad)

  • Belinda

    I love the bags

    When are they coming to the stores?
    And online I hope, live in Denmark and we don’t have any miu miu stores :(