This weekend, something truly strange happened – Atlanta had its first white Christmas since 1882, and thusly, I had my first white Christmas ever. When you’re born and raised in a warm climate, snow of any kind still has the ability to attract you, wonder-struck, to a window like a kindergartener, and snow on Christmas? I felt like a kid all over again. I even had a snowball fight with my little brother. (I lost.)

In the Northeast, though, things are a little less spectacular and a little more inconvenient. For those of you stuck in your houses, I recommend ordering the Michael Kors Gia Shoulder Bag. Just take it outside and wave it at the snow; this little bag is so sunny and bright that you’ll have that stuff melting in no time.

If you’re not having snow problems in your neck of the woods, then I would also recommend this piece as an impromptu space heater or, if you must, an actual handbag. For once, a brand has chosen to do retro minimalism at a reasonable price point, instead of charging gobs of extra money for the pleasure of being on-trend. And on-trend this is – not only are the design’s lines clean and vintage-inspired, but the color is perfect for spring’s all-important brights trend. Buy through Saks for $595.

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  • salomé
  • Eleanor

    This post made my day! What an adorable story about playing with your younger brother. I LOVE this purse; the colour is glorious and the shape is perfect.

  • AllisonatSteuben

    Yellow is typically not my color of choice, but this bag is absolutely amazing! I’m in NY, and after the snowfall we just got, I could definitely use a pop of color. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • mochababe73

    I live in TX and have spent the last week in DC and will be here for another week. Needless to say, I am not used to the snow either.
    Not a yellow fan, but I do own a yellow bag. I don’t wear it often, but I do when I need a pick me up. Besides, I would wear almost anything from Michael Kors.

  • Kathleen

    I own two Michael Kors bags and both are in excellent shape even though I have put them through hell. Love this post – the idea of turning a snow day into a shopping day is so fun.

  • Stylista

    First white Christmas ever! Wow, I can’t even imagine that. I have yet to have a Christmas that is not white! Gorgeous bag. Great colour.

  • Kanika

    Hi Amanda,

    I found your blog a few days back and blimey I have been stalking it ever since.


    P.S.- I just found out that you had your birthday on the 25th. Belated happy birthday! I hope it was filled with loads of bag shopping!

  • Bagolicious has a bag that looks very similar to that one, same color, but $103.44.

  • Linda

    I adore this yellow! Ipad

  • CL

    i love michael kors & yellow is my favorite color… win win! (ipad)

  • Hanh N

    Great bag but expensive!!! (ipad)

  • Cherry

    I like the color, but not sure how I feel about this shape yet. (ipad)

  • Smith

    i’ve gotta pass on this bag…even if it were a different color… (ipad)

  • Maggie

    I love the color!!! But, not really a fan of the style…(ipad)

  • Nicole

    What a fun bag!!!!

    I’ve been dying to have a yellow bag forever! And the minibag is such a fun trend! I’m tired of big bags, already!!!


  • Deb

    I agree with allisonatsteuben’s comment. Yellow isn’t my usual first, second, nor third choice in terms of my bags, but I’d gladly accept this baby any day of the week. I see spring and summer just by staring in this picture (ipad)

  • Chells

    This yellow does add a pop of sunshine, kind of like an early spring. (ipad)

  • wendy

    I probably wouldn’t carry a bag like this, but the color does make me think of sunshine and warmer weather. (ipad)

  • DTKC

    To sunny for my taste. (ipad)

  • Julie Stam

    I’m starting to like MK bags more and more. I even like the style of this one. But I hate the color! (ipad)

  • Lola

    I adore this color! Shape’s a little much for me, but it would be a nice challenge to see if I could work with it (ipad)

  • Joann

    i’m not really a “yellow” person .. not that bright of a yellow, but it is really cute and a nice pop (ipad)

  • Beth Warren

    This is beautiful, my brother got his girlfriend a Michael Kors bag for XMAS but just a boring brown fabric with the initials on it, this would have been so much more fun. (ipad)

  • Kellisa

    Love this bag!! i’m a huge fan of yellow bags (ipad)

  • Nadia Segers

    I don’t like yellow, but I love this bag! (ipad)

  • Alison J.

    I don’t think I could ever do a bag that bright. (ipad)

  • Melissa

    Not a fan of Mk’s bags- but I adore this color. I hope this is a sign of more to come. (ipad)

  • Shana

    Love it, hope it goes on sale! I’m still upset about missing HH’s saffron duffel bag (iPad)

  • Shannon

    i LOVE the yellow!! (ipad)

  • Tonya

    This color is sooo pretty for the spring/summer! (ipad)

  • Lara

    It’s like Vitamin D in a bag! A great pick me up to combat the winter blahs! (ipad)

  • J. Is A Bird

    Too flippin’ cute! This is a great LA bag. I’m not a huge fan of MK, but I could see myself owning this. (ipad)


  • K Lopez

    i would love to have this little sunshine in a bag! i so love yellow!<3 (iPad)

  • lil

    a little too rigid/structured for my taste. (ipad)

  • Limey

    love the colour!!! (ipad)

  • greenpixie

    I love everything about this bag – the color, the shape, the hardware! I don’t have any yellow bags anymore either – I think I need this… (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Cute bag, but I haven’t really inspected MK purses so I don’t know about the quality. I hope they’re not like his shoes – expensive and cute, but cheap materials.

  • ninjaninja

    Ooops. Forgot Ipad.

  • Mari

    This is too cute, I would love to see it in a pink! (iPad)

  • Sue

    Love the shape and structure of this bag. Just not sure of the color. (iPad)

  • Redo My Shoe

    Love the color, but not too sure about the metal clasp.

  • Lianne

    Sigh. I love this purse. Now if only it were a *tiny* bit larger. It’s 9x7x3, and I would prefer maybe 11x9x4, just to make sure I could fit all my daily stuff in. (ipad)

  • Jazz

    I can’t say I like this too much! (ipad)

  • swtcadence

    They call me mellow yellow…I love yellow on small accessories/bags! (ipad)

  • kmroboto

    i’m not a huge fan of MK but i love this color and the style is simple and classic. (ipad)

  • Jen

    Gorgeous color… Hate the design. (ipad)

  • patricia treml

    I love this bag! so adorable! (ipad)

  • James

    I like pops of color but this one is a bit too bold, no make that WAY too bright!


  • Joanna

    I saw this in stores and I LOVE the color! (iPad)

  • Roya

    Loving the yellow colour and the classic feel provided by the boxy shape. (iPad)

  • spanish moss

    what a charming splash of sunshine! (ipad)

  • Ken Vien

    very cute as wife would say (ipad)

  • nini

    The yellow is a little bit too bright for me (ipad)

  • Bettye

    Nice handbag but I don’t like yellow. (ipad)







  • ariancita

    Nothing about this bag attracts me. I don’t like the design nor the color. It feels dated already. (ipad)

  • Wendy

    I adore Michael Kors, and I adore this bag. (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I love it! It is simple yet fun; I really like the vintage inspired bags that are trendy now. (ipad)

  • Rae

    Michael Kors has really stepped it up lately. I just adore all the looks coming out. He is always classic. And I love the yellow. What a “Rae” of Sunshine. LOL (iPad)

  • Tracey G

    Wow, this is a true pop of color (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    A bit too bright for me but I think the right person could carry this off (ipad)

  • Pearl

    Great site, great blogs, great comp! (ipad)

  • Kasey

    Like the shape, would prefer the color to be a tad more subdued (ipad)

  • Isabel

    cute! (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    to be honest, i find it way over-priced and way too simple – not my style i guess. aand i hate the colour! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    ohhh sooo bright!
    love the sunny feeling! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    agree with TraceyG – only the right person could pull this one off..
    i may just look like a lost tweety in the street.. LOL.. (ipad)

  • Mash

    Bright-eyed & bushy tailed! (ipad)

  • Lisa

    That’s an awesome yellow (ipad)

  • Cindy

    Love pops of color, but there is too much saturation for this bag. (ipad)

  • Kelly

    LOVE it! This shade of warm yellow is just right and I love the boxy shape! (iPad)

  • Tiffany

    Not a fan of the bag, but the color is refreshing! (ipad)

  • Maxo

    love the bag and the color, i love all mk bags!(ipad)

  • Lorie

    Something about it is screaming thrift store to me.

  • SS

    What a fun color! (iPad)

  • Dilettante

    Bit too much, I can imagine this on a hip girl half my age, perhaps in (ipad)

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Very fun for a summer bag! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Same color as the yellow raincoat I had as a kid! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Lovely contours (ipad)

  • Julia

    love the yellow! it’s so cheery (ipad)

  • jillybean307

    I love yellow. It’s the perfect quickly running to the store in the summer bag. (ipad)

  • cheapthomassabo

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  • helen

    That certainly is bright! I’d like it pastel, but he probably doesn’t make it in that color. (ipad)

  • Michelle

    Not feeling Michael Kor anything. STEP IT UP. The bag looks like an oversize starburst. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Perfect for summer (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    very ideal for the spring/ summer, bring back the classic lock style for the bags. (ipad)

  • Margaret

    love it! (ipad)

  • Margaret

    love this bag and the nice bright color! (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Great for a gloomy day (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I’m worried that the quality of the bag isn’t that great (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Because quality of Kor’s shoes suck (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Great for going out (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    So cute!!! (ipad)

  • nini

    eye catching (ipad)

  • Heidi

    The leather seems too stiff. (ipad)

  • Maria

    have to say, i love this..i love bright yellow/mustard bags (ipad)