Rounding out my meetings in LA, I had a chance to meet Andrew Cotton, the Creative Director of Linea Pelle. Now, I had been to the Linea Pelle office a couple months earlier and met with some of the amazing women who help keep Linea Pelle a fun, fashionable well-oiled machine. Megs and Vlad had met Andrew in New York early last year and they told me how awesome he was. Well, I have to say, his reputation was spot on. The interview with Andrew went smoothly. We talked about handbags, life, and one of our favorite TV shows, Brothers and Sisters (this conversation was left out of the interview).

Linea Pelle

I found myself a little envious of Andrew’s style. He had great jeans, a great button down and of course a fabulous Linea Pelle belt. My favorite part of his look – it seemed effortless. But you know, it is the perfect kind of effortless – everything comes together for a relaxed, approachable and fashionable look. The more I thought about it, I started to realize I shouldn’t have been surprised. I can see that a similar approach is used when crafting all those gorgeous Linea Pelle bags! As the interview began to wrap up I felt like we had more than just a love for Linea Pelle handbags in common. Next time I’m in LA, I’m definitely going to have to stick around longer and hit up a happy hour with the LP crew!
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  • Sara

    I love love love Linea Pelle!!! Awesome!!!

  • Carolyn

    It is always cool to meet a designer. Kinda envious =)

  • Darla

    I love LP! And that the people behind it are so cool makes it even better. I can’t wait for the next interview.

  • stella

    very nice! Will be checking out the interview now!

  • Maria

    Linea Pelle rocks! The Dylan line is my favorite. Gotta get one. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

  • Amanda

    I love Andrew – he is so nice! And he makes fantastic bags! The Janis fringe hobo is probably my favorite for Spring.

  • Amanda

    I love Linea Pelle, it has the best customer service ever!

  • LaWana Spratling

    Love the Alyssa tote in purple. it is my fave

  • Jan

    I liked the first part of the interview when Andrew discussed finding the right fit for himself after medical school, architecture, and then designing. It just goes to show that you can do anything when you put your mind to it and have a passion for it. If you’re mot happy having one career-move on until you find something that brings you joy!

  • Linda

    I liked eading about how he did so many differant things before he found what worked best for him. It made me feel better about my long journey to become an artist.

  • melanie

    loved hearing about how he “found”his career.

  • Debbie

    I liked reading about Andrew’s career progression…he clearly didn’t wake up one morning and just decide “gee, I think I’ll grab some paper and colored pencils and start designing handbags!” There is clearly a plethora of experience and influences that inform his creative process.

  • Lili

    My favorite part was about how Andrew got started with his career as a designer. I like how he was enrolled in medical school, tried architecture and then finally decided he wanted to become a designer.

  • cat

    love reading about how designers actually become designers…andrew’s story is unique!

  • Tbase1

    I would love to be able to meet the designer and see how their inspiration comes to life….love the whole line of bags!!!

  • Linda

    I’m impressed with what I read about Andrew. I like some of the bags but ironically the reason I like this latest Lola bag is because you will notice it is different from all his other designs. It is beautifully simplistic without all the studs. I like the buckle interest on top and the tote shape with a very subtle rounded edge. I love lambskin leather and I love the colors he has chosen!

  • Colleen

    Andrew’s career story reminds me of myself a little, as I’ve changed professions over the years because I realized that you have to do what you love. The part of the interview that I appreciated the most was where he said that he believes in staying true to the brand and not straying to get celebrity attention.

  • Suzanne

    The part of the interview where he describes falling into design and handbags is my favorite, just fascinating. I also liked reading his description of the LP girl, his audience.

  • Dana

    I love that he sounds so down to earth and truely loves what he does. That’s why the bags are so fabulous!

  • zapper

    Got the Black +++++

  • Emily (julias best friend)

    I LOVE LP!!!!!!!!!! and will own one some day