Marc Jacobs Metallic Patchwork Sham

Welcome 2007!!! For the beginning of the year we all try to start off with a clean slate, whatever it may be. Poor Marc had a few bumps along designer highway last year (including yesterday even), but I have high hopes for him in 2007, fingers crossed. Metallic bronzed quilted leather roars in a fresh and sexy start on the Marc Jacobs Metallic Patchwork Stam. I must admit, I have nothing but love for this bag with its touch of mod and framed top with kiss lock closure. This Stam is far from a scam and takes after its hit brotha-bag, the original Stam. The detachable chain shoulder strap is the perfect finishing touch for this handbag along with the front zip pocket. Sizing up at 9″H x 15″W x 6″D, this is a total yay on my end. What do you all think- Yay or nay? If this bag is fug, please blame my rave on over-consumption of pork and sauerkraut, a Hungarian New Year’s family tradition, rather than my ability to judge a bag. Via Neiman Marcus for $1650.

PS. I totally fell for the SHAM and this bag is still a Stam, not a Sham as titled by Neiman Marcus. That is a hilarious typo if I have ever heard one!

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