marc jacobs key pouch
Marc Jacobs Key Pouch

Normally, I’m not one to encourage outrageously expensive “small leather goods.” $150 Louis Vuitton and Tiffany keychains, $300 iPod and iPhone cases, and $100 cell phone charms would usually make me want to stab people and rip my own hair out at their utter ridiculousness, but I have to make one exception.

One of the most useful things I’ve ever bought was my Marc Jacobs Key Pouch. Ranging in price from $125 for plain calf leather to $185 for Marc’s signature quilts, the price can seem steep for something no larger than a deck of cards.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t pay full price for mine, and they can be found on sale occasionally. If something happened to it, though, and I needed a new one, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay retail and replace it as quickly as possible.

These little things are ingenious – they attach to your keys and there’s enough room inside for at least a dozen cards. I’ve completely eliminated my need for a wallet, and since they hold my driver’s license and insurance card, the only things I really need to run to the grocery store are my keys and my cell phone. It also makes it much easier to switch out handbags, since I don’t have a bulky wallet to shove in to tiny clutches for going out at night.

I’ve also been blown away with the little guy’s durability – mine has been tossed around, abused, taken to dozens of football games, thrown on the floor, buried under piles of clutter, and been everywhere that my car keys go. It’s in a medium to light color (MJ’s denim blue from about 2 years ago), and the soft calf leather shows very little wear (and not a single loose thread). Also, since the zipper clicks into place on the front buckle, there’s no risk of the zipper loosening over time, sliding open, and your cards falling out all over the place.

My denim blue is no longer made (I’ve had mine for enough years to be sure of that), and if I had to replace it today, my pick would be the dark purple quilted leather, available through eLuxury for $185.

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